questionsdo you know how not to cook a chicken breast?


@livikinga, care to chime in on this one? I know the recipe he speaks of, but haven't tried it out yet. :)


Lol'd a lot. I swear, these recipes are being posted just to screw people up.

Thanks for the laugh.


good to note! that is something I would read and think "that sounds disgusting" but try anyway. one disgusting meal averted!


I see the problem. Sometimes, when rewritten too much, important information gets lost along the way. Step one SHOULD have read:

"Marinate chicken breast in pickled pig-feet juice for one hour."

It will be a lot better done properly, fear not.


@bill7718: Sorry, my bad on that. Where was your recipe from? We are wanting to try one, but not at the sake of disgusting. :)


First post SHB @lavikinga. I hate late-nights sometimes.


Pickle juice eh? I heard they marinate the chicken in shattered hopes and dreams to get the delicious taste from those crushed souls...


@jsimsace: Coffee. Nose. Laptop.
@bill7718: WHAT did you do? Use an entire jar of pickle juice? I only use a few table spoons of juice from cheap ol' Mount Olive Hamburger Dill Chips and allow everything to marinate in a ziploc bag. It coats the chicken just enough. (I also use an equal amount of buttermilk, but telling people that really tends to gross them out entirely and is not in any of the other recipes I have found on the web.) If you used Claussen's juice, well, no. Just don't ever.
I am sooo sorry for your cooking misadventure.
And, Dude, Fried Pickles are a delicacy down here! What's wrong with you? ;) More importantly, which recipe did you follow as there were a few floating about here in the threads?


What kind of pickle juice? Gherkin juice? Kosher dill? Not that I believe marinating in pickle juice would be a positive effect on... anything... but just curious.

I guess a little pickle juice may be OK, but you sound like you may have submerged it.


By any chance did you get the recipie from @pemberducky?


Ugh. That sounds horrific. Thanks for the heads up. ;)


Now I'm just craving some fried pickles.


@wilfbrim: impossible. my recipe doesn't call for pickle juice.
it calls for nyquil.


Isn't "pickle juice" just a repressed religion euphemism for "Vodka"


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@jsimsace: Don't remember where I found it. But it said to use 1 cup of pickle juice.


@wilfbrim: Don't think I got the recipe from @pemberducky. Honestly, I don't remember where I found it.