questionsdo you have an analog clock in your house?


Have at least 5 (stopped counting) - 1 is a grandfather, 2 are chiming wall clocks. Love them. I'm old-fashioned in many respects. Love antiques.


yep. I have a big round clock in the kitchen over the window. I can see it from the family room.


2 in mine (third one not hung up yet in my shop). 24 digital, that includes electronics that also have a clock on them, watches, and cell phones.

I'd never thought of that before. That's a lot of clocks.


We're all digital here, except for that one "beautiful" analog clock that my wife likes yet still leaves in our spare bedroom.


I have only one clock that is NOT analog. I own multiple watches, and they're analog as well (I love Citizen, and their eco drive watches).

I just finally retired a very old wall clock that I'd had since the early 1970s. Not battery operated; long cord that plugged in the wall. They didn't make wall clocks that were battery operated when I bought it.

I have a sun dial in the yard, and it's positioned correctly to provide accurate time. I don't think you can get any more analog than that.


I do not have a digital clock in my house.


Yes, and as it does not have a battery currently installed, it is correct twice a day.


Absolutely... several. Time flows smoothly and in a continuous stream. If's foolish to break it down into arbitrary size units and count those units on a digital counter.

By the way, here's something I'd love to find. A stand-alone digital display which shows an image of an analog clock face, or at least the analog sweep second hand. The display could be a small LCD display (as on an old Palm or a newer hand-held device) or it could just be a circle with 60 LEDS. In any case, I want it to be roughly palm-sized. The point is, while the hardware itself would be digital technology, the clock face (or second hand) pictured would look like an analog clock. Anybody know where I can find something like this? If so, thanks!


Grandfather clock, cuckoo clock, cheapy $5 clocks in all the bathrooms, garage, and laundry room. Mantle clock. Analog clock over the stove, and an ancient ugly looking wrought iron clock I somehow got as a freebie from JCP.


The only digital clocks in our house are two bedside alarm clocks. Everything else is analog.


We have a bunch of both, but I prefer analog.
My wife teaches high school, and has found that most of that age group has not learned (or has forgotten) how to tell time on an analog clock. She therefore refuses to have a digital clock in her classroom.


Except for the projection clock and clocks on electronic devices, it's analog all the way (down to the wrist watch). And, of course, the grandfather clock is analog.


We have 2 analog clocks, 1 digital clock, and then the digital clocks on various appliances/devices.

My kids always ask me what time it is rather than try to read the analog clock, which drives me nuts. they know how to read them, they just get lazy. The watches my kids have are only analog - I won't buy digital.


@shrdlu: I love my Eco Drive as well!


Thank goodness most people here seem to have an abundance of analog clocks.

The only digital clocks we have are our alarm clocks, plus those that come on appliances, etc. I love analog clocks and we have an abundance of them. And even my 4 year old can read them pretty well.

As far as grandfather clocks - I wanted one for many years - finally picked one up at an estate sale about 8 years ago. Still love it. Seriously - I remember drooling over grandfather clocks when I was like 10 years old.


We have an awesome treble clef shaped analog, it's awesome!
...but it's super hard for me to fall asleep when a clock is ticking, that's why it has to be in the other room.


One on the stove, one in the living room and one on my wrist.


We have a clock in every room, and I just hate it when it suddenly becomes obnoxiously louder when you're trying to sleep.


Five analogs and a bunch of digitals on various appliances. Can't stand the ticking in the bedroom, though.