questionswhat do you think of the 3 new kindles announced…


$79 - A little tempting
$99 - No. Not when you can get 3G for $50.
$149 - Quite tempting. If it were $129, I would probably buy at launch.

After having tablets to play with, I still prefer reading physical books. I do think that e-ink may change my mind on that. The 3G only makes it better.

Also, I'm a much bigger fan of Amazon's Kindle offerings than B&N's Nook books. I have had a great time with my Nook Color, but I didn't buy it to read B&N books.


I purchased the first version of Kindle. Don't you think Amazon should do trade-ins or else reward thos of us who still have and use this awesome reader? Wishful thinking.


I just pre-ordered the Fire. I can sell my current 2nd gen Kindle and recoup some of the cost, but a trade in program might be nice to see. The price drop on the existing models is exciting as well, Amazon is working hard to bring their products to the forefront. This gives me confidence in their future plans for e-readers and tablets.


@klozitshoper: Considering this is the 4th generation of kindle devices, I don't think amazon cares about your purchase of the first version of kindle.

Your best bet would be to sell it to a collector who likes outdated electronics or someone on eBay before they are aware of these devices.


Basically, Amazon has released their version of a Nook Color. I'm not so sure it's an "iPad killer" though. Certainly an interesting entry-level tablet that will be sure to have plenty of support from Amazon.

I think the e-ink reader Kindles are more interesting at those price points. I bought an e-ink Nook for $79 a while back because at that price I thought it was worth checking out. I can imagine a lot more people feel the same way and I expect the $79 and $99 Kindles to be huge sellers this holiday season. That should increase the market for e-books purchasers as well. Not bad, Amazon, not bad.


@klozitshoper: If it's the first version, I'm guessing you bought it on 2007 or 2008? I think making an awesome piece of technology that has worked reliably and still holds a battery charge 3-4 years later is reward enough :)


I like the new prices points. But I already have a third generation 3 G device. An e-reader is not something I find to require the latest and greatest tech.

I don't like the basic model limits to just WiFi. I don't like the center button only look. The 'keyboard' model looks to be the same as the one I already own. The Fire looks cool but much thicker than current models.

What I want most is more options to change the fonts. The included fonts are lame.

I stand corrected about the cheap version, it has the edge buttons.


Another moment in which I wish I could predict the future, I just bought a refurbished Kindle Keyboard last month >.>

The Kindle Fire intrigues me, but a Kindle w/out the E-Ink technology just seems... like not a Kindle O.o


I think the fire looks pretty great. I bought a nook color over the summer for $250 and rooted and overclocked it. But with the better price, specs and capabilities, the Fire is making me wish I had held out before buying the nook. Don't get me wrong, the nook is great, but this looks way better.


Since there is not immediate availability on the fire I'm going to wait and see what Nook color 2 has to offer. It's widely speculated Amazon released a less powerful color tablet so as to beat B&N to the punch .

Of course this is all speculation and I'm reasonably happy with my touchpad (more so when Android becomes available for ir).


Not impressed at all. The Kindle Fire is definitely no iPad killer. No camera, no SD slot. I guess the argument is that you don't need SD with cloud storage, but cloud storage is only good if you ALWAYS have wi-fi access. With a portable device, that's never guaranteed. (Yes, Virginia, there are still wi-fi dead zones in the US). If you're going to make cloud storage a major selling point, then you have to at least include 3G access with it.


I bought the special offers kindle when it came out in late April. I thought the $114 was a great price. Then they offer a new version for $79? I'm kind of disappointed except for the fact that I got some absolutely fantastic deals out of it. If it wasn't for that I'd be raising some hell that would undoubtedly be ignored.

I kept imagining how cool it would be to have a touch screen kindle and then they make one that is ALSO cheaper than the one I bought five months ago. It's frustrating and I still don't know why new products are somehow cheaper than old ones but there it is. There's probably some specification difference but from what I can tell, it doesn't look any less great than the one I have.

I also feel a little strange about a the creation of yet another tablet that's branded Kindle Fire. Why bother? I thought the whole point was to embrace e-ink not dump more tablets in a flooded market...

I hope the huge price drop doesn't mean bad special offers from now on...


@wingnutzero: It also costs 25% of what an iPad costs. Tech people may not like the lack of features, but general consumers will see they save 600 bucks on a device for reading, internetting and watching movies.


@starbob: April was almost 6 months ago. They don't owe you anything.


@wootbretz: Because I was totally saying "they owe me something." Great contribution.


@starbob: No but you did say you would raise hell because an item that most knew would eventually be released was released almost 6 months after you bought yours.

And your lack of understanding how technology is priced didn't mean much to me either.

So, Good contribution to you too.


@starbob: For what it's worth, the new $79 model lacks some of the features yours had.

Besides the obvious lack of a keyboard, it also does not have audiobook functionality or text-to-speech. It wouldn't surprise me if there are more things also that pop up once people start getting their hands on it.

Your model, with special offers and all, runs $99 right now. And I'm sure in the 4 months you've had it, you've saved more than the $15 difference in deals, so you still came out ahead! :)


@wootbretz: I said I would had it not been a great product from the start. Still didn't say they owed me anything or even anything close to it. Congratulations on your reading comprehension.

It is very seldom that you see new iterations of the same product with new technology integrated into it that cost less than the original. Often when new versions are released they are at higher prices and the originals are lowered. Oh and of course there's the lack of a precedent in which there is a ad-revenue boltstered version of a piece of hardware that's sold for a separate price. The original "Special offers" version was an 11% discount, now it is a 29% discount. That means either the revenue generated from the special offers is greater than they originally anticipated, they aren't selling as many special offers items as they anticipated, or the special offers are going to be fewer deals and more ads.

Which part of that is indicative of a lack of understanding?


@wootbretz: If you want to nitpick, the Kindle Fire is about 40% the cost of an iPad. (A new 16 GB iPad2 costs $500.) It's also roughly half the size and offers half the local storage (8 GB on board vs 16 GB). I just don't see the Kindle Fire's specs making it worth a purchase at $199, especially when I can get a 7" PanDigital tablet and 8 GB SD card for about $100 (from Amazon, no less) and get something substantially similar.


@starbob: Electronics have always tended to get cheaper over time. Flash memory has dropped in price since earlier Kindles, e-ink has likely had manufacturing advances, etc. Amazon's probably also subsidizing the prices on the new readers/tablets more than they used to, with the expectation that you'll be buying books and such to use with it.

It's just the way things go :-)

Amazon's seriously going for a killing blow with these new products. I got a refurb Nook mostly because it hit the $80 price point, and now Amazon's providing that with a new device, with a touchscreen! It'll be interesting to see how B&N react to these new eInk Kindles, and what happens with the tablet market over the Fire. Prospects are looking up for cheap tablets on Black Friday :-D


@novastarj: The Kindle Touch and the Kindle Keyboard are currently the same price and have the same specs except the Kindle Touch has new features. As I said before it is a very seldom situation where a new product of the same type is the same price or cheaper than an older. You couldn't get an Ipad 2 for the same price as an Ipad 1 on launch day.

Also I said that the reason I'm not upset is over the past 5 months I've saved tons of money with the special offers. I don't know why everyone is acting like I'm really upset about it, I just think it would be nice to have a touch screen version with new features. It's frustrating, but that's how it works and there's nothing I or anyone in my position can do about it. The question was "what do I think of the 3 new kindles" and I gave my opinion about what I think. They're cool but I am slightly disappointed that I couldn't have one of these cool new ones. BUT I'm happ about the $100 or so I've saved in the past 5 months.


The Fire is pretty tempting, price is right and it does what I would want in a tablet. IF the browser plays nice with others it will be on my Christmas list.

What does anyone know or think they know about amazon Silk?

And please, while I'm sure that rooting and installing some geek chic OS will make me more attractive and superior, I'm just not interested.


@wingnutzero: Maybe I should have said "as little as 25%" since you can buy an iPad for over $800.

Obviously the iPad is packed with far more features than the Fire, but at the end of the day most general consumers use these devices as e-readers, movie viewers and internet searchers. If you can do that with good performance for a fraction of the price on an attractive piece of equipment, I think you take the deal.

The Fire won't "kill" the iPad but if it is even modestly successful, its impact on the tablet market could be significant. It may force Apple to drop their prices substantially or develop some crazy new features and uses we all must have.

All I know is I can't wait for the Fire 2.


@starbob: It is not seldom at all. The prices of all tech devices have dropped substantially over time. iPads are a small percentage cheaper than the initial offering, hard drives are much cheaper and now kindles will cost less than in the past.

Now Amazon has developed a systematic and efficient production process. Their manufacturers have seen the success with the e reader devices and are willing to provide more resources at better rates to Amazon now that they do not feel they are gambling on an unknown tech.

The market is well aware of the quality and ease of use of previous Kindle products and the expansion of Amazon digital content sales allows them to reduce the price of their physical product.

The price drop on the basic Kindles is not surprising at all. The price of the Fire is an eye catcher for sure.


@starbob: I got the Special Offers Kindle as well and while I wasn't too happy about the new release of Kindles, I look at it this way. The price difference between the new cheap Kindle and the SO Kindle is about $35. The SO Kindle comes with a keyboard so I guess that adds what, $5 worth of value to it? So that's $30 left. I got a Kindle cover through a Special offer for 50% off. Considering they're $60, that's already brought the difference back to zero.

Not to mention I've gotten deals like "Buy a $10 gift card get $20" a couple of times.


@wootbretz: Please cite for me any other valid scenario where a new iteration of an electronic product is the same price as the original upon release. I can't think of a single one. If you can, I'll abandon this thread and the apparently wildly controversial topic that I'm slightly disappointed that I bought an older version when a new one came out for less money 5 months later.


@starbob: The previous 3 generations of the Kindle.


@wootbretz: As wholly irrelevant as that is, I didn't specify that it shouldn't be the kindle so by default I'll stick with my words.


When is color e-ink going to hit?? :(


I have mixed feelings about the Touch versions.. The way the E-Ink works in the sunlight is defeated once you put on screen protector (glare from the plastic).

And with it being touch screen, you will have fingerprints and possibly scratches.. I'd stick with the 1-button rather than the touch..

Lastly, it looks like they just re-released last years version (only cheaper)... that's just from comparing specs. Other than the "Touch aspect" and newer look..

I will be waiting for next years "Color E-Ink Kindle"


So obviously Amazon pushes their own stuff with their product. My question is how well this will work with non Amazon content? My wife got the Nook because the reader would support many formats while she was under the impression the Kindle really only supported Amazons format of e-books. I am also leery of the cloud idea. It is not free for Amazon to store all of your stuff and some people have alot of stuff. What do they get out of keeping track of all your media files for you? If you don't need a computer for this device what happens when it crashes and you need a physical copy to restore it? This device will do well because it has hype but it lacks the flexibility of other tablets because it has only 8 GB, no camera, limited Android use, and a smaller screen.


@klozitshoper: I like mine too

@starbob: You said you are surprised the new Kindle is selling for the same/cheaper than the 3G Kindle. Did you know the 2G Kindle was nearly $400? Right there you should have been ready for the fourth generation of kindles to drop in price.


@wootbretz: You know when I first realized that the latest generation of Kindle was going to drop again in price? When Office Max put the patented Amazon Kindle leather lighted cover on sale Sunday.

I am in for one on the Kindle Touch because the keyboard on my current model is just that much too small for my eyes at the end of the day when I like to read before I nod off. My current model will find a new home with family/friends/someone in need. I am going to buy the $99 version of the Touch. The ads don't bug me (my son has one that I bought him when the price went to $114) and I didn't really use the 3G enough to make it worthwhile.


Don't mean to pile on starBob, but the trend of rapid obsolescence and decreasing cost is a corollary to Moore's Law, not just a good idea.

20 years ago an open box, closeout priced cassette deck for my car cost $160 after employee discount(it was 30Watts, 15/channel.) Checking I find I can get an in-dash DVD player with 3.5" touch screen for under $100. g

shorter term, two years ago Black Friday, I got a Nintendo DSi on sale for $169.99 Today, list price on the 3DS is 169.99.

More significantly your post compares the $79 Kindle to your 3rd gen. (now keyboard). But you mistakenly state that the cheap one has a touch screen, which it does not. It has only the 5-way pad for input, and no speakers.


Ok, I might have to change my previous answer. Just looked at Amazon's page for Kindle, and the prices were a bit misleading as advertised on various blog sites this morning. $149 gets you the 3G touch Kindle WITH SPECIAL OFFERS. Oh, you don't want those? In that case, it is $189, only $10 cheaper than the Fire. All of the new e-ink models are like that, with the $30 extra for non-ad-supported.

Not to say that ad-supported is bad, I have a slight preference for no ads, however I was foolishly hoping that $149 would be the no ads model. Oh well.


The touch and fire look really sweet. I think I'm gonna be a bum and stick with my Kindle DX though. Having the bigger screen is enough to keep me from the impulse buy :)