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Hi right back, you sneaky little devil. Overall, it's good. I could live without the Avatar showing, but the other stuff is all a win, so I like it.

Hey, where's my danged Betta Badge?

Wait a second. My reputation is only 85/100? Then why is the triangle black?

{I think the mouseover isn't working quite right.}

Back later...


@shawnmiller - I don't recall saying that, mate!


I'm a bit fond of the same img tags that the other side of the forum uses but ONE MORE THING TO LEARN!

Snoopy test


Hey, Shawn.

So far I like, though I'm going to have to retrain my hands (muscle memory) to click on the edit, etc. links in a different place on the screen.

Also, this wil finally give me enough of a reason to update my avatar with something other the the random geometrical thing that Gravitar came up with for me.

It's almost like deals.woot is growing up and graduated to some higher grade in school. You must be proud!

Also, @shrdlu is correct: the deals.woot reps are being calculated incorrectly (my rep is 97 but displays as 86 when I hover). My triangle is the correct color.


I'd like the avatar better if we could upload our own image to be our avatar. (Unless we can and I just don't know it, which would be par for the course). The ones assigned to us are just little pictures with no relevance. I very much like the addition of the ability to add photos. Hopefully it won't bog down the site.


@shrdlu: I like your avatar..... You should make it bigger...

I dropped a few points this afternoon and it looks like a few others might have also... Hmmm, Algorithm changes again???



I could never get Gravitar to work correctly; never figured out why (it wouldn't allow me to upload an image, thus I went with the geometric thing it generated for me). Any tips?


@moondrake: I ws wondering the same thing about server load and additional images & Video... Next Woot Off should be interesting....


I like it because somehow it seems to have made my rep skyrocket to 99/100. (edit: aw man now it's back to 93. No wait, when I hover at the top right, it says I'm 99. When I hover next to my post here, it's 93. SO CONFUSED)

My husband dislikes it as he went from 92/100 to 79/100 (but is still a black triangle).

I like being able to see avatars. Might make me recognize people in the main forums more. Maybe. I don't really go over there anymore.

I don't know that I like the inline images. I can see uses but I can see it being abused to annoyance quickly, too.


@baqui63: Hm, usually when things don't work like that it's because the image is too large either dimension wise, or commonly file size.


The changes are interesting, will take some getting used to. However, I think the animated GIF's/videos that some people are posting are incredibly annoying. Maybe I need to turn AdBlock Plus back on for Woot.


I am mixed. I like the ability to add pictures and videos but am afraid that it will take away from the conversation I have enjoyed over here. Instead of trying to type what you feel just throw up a meme picture and figure that covers it. Time will tell, hopefully people don't go to picture crazy and end the conversation I have come to enjoy here.


I'm not too keen on the embedded videos and photos yet. I liked that deals.woot was about words not pictures and vids. Seems like the images and vids will be used in lieu of creative and snarky word play. Though I may just be in the grumpy-hate-change-immediately zone.


I'm sure i'll get used to this quickly but I'm digging the changes, Has the character limit been upped?


@tbgolladay: i felt left out b/c work place blocks wherever woot is caching images. but you make me feel better about it now!

no1 no1

Your servers are about to hold a lot more informationz, yesh?

Thanks staffies, I do like the new layout and features :)


@raider9924 @publicart I share your concern which was why we didn't originally have the ability to post images and videos. It's worth a shot to see if it can be used to aide the conversation rather than detract from it.


@jezebelseven: @josefresno coded up all these great changes and he's looking into the reputation issue right now. please stand by.


I feel like the lone grouchy neighbor on the block. I'm really not fond of videos and images in the comments, and the avatars and increased info just seem to clutter things up. I'm more a simpler-is-better kinda girl, but I guess I'll get used to the changes eventually. Or not.

Edit: I suspect my work place will now block the site because of the videos and images, but since I'm off work today I won't be sure till Friday.



Yeah, that's what I figured, so I tried resizing and a bunch of things, none of which worked (obviously).

I'll try it again and if it doesn't fly, maybe I'll just do a temporary update to my FB picture (it's been over a month since I was on FB, so it is about time for me to login again).



Man, it's been a long day. Do we have to stand while @josefresno fixes things?


@raider9924: You worded my own concerns better than I could. Thanks!



So that's what you look like? I hate to say, I'm (slightly) disappointed. I figured you had longer and darker hair.


First to post lawlcat on deals.woot - win!


@tbgolladay: Try ESC, if that doesn't work, apply an extension that makes it work. =P


@thunderthighs: An animated Howie Mandel! Really? Had a higher opinion of you before, this is disappointing.


The pictures also make it very obvious I'm not working! How will I deals.woot all day? Could a "disable embedding" feature be added? :P


@gatzby: Thanks. ESC worked, AdBlock didn't. I don't want to turn off all animated GIF's by default; guess I'll just have to remember.


@shawnmiller: Need you even ask what anyone thinks of any changes here? It is a well-known fact that wooters automatically LOVE and immediately/emphatically EMBRACE any and all forms of change without having any complaints or criticisms whatsoever. ;-)

Just skimmed quickly....haven't actually read or scrutinized yet, but so far,,,,,

I sorta like what I'm far. :-)
Back later with more input once I get a chance to look it over better. For now, however, I'm off to early bed, as I have to get up far too early in the morning to head to a medical conference in LA.

(That's me hopefully being sound asleep w/in the next half hour, b/c I'm exhausted---not in response to your changes.) =)


@baqui63: Surely you've seen the picture I've posted. It's me in the park sitting quietly on a bench. I'm really nothing to look at.

@tbgolladay: Awwwww, I like Howie from the way back days. His stand-up comedy was great. Check his stuff from the 80s on YouTube.


@gatzby: I didn't know about ESC! How come I never knew this?!?!?!


@magic cave: can i tell you a secret?
i am kinda the same way.
often they clutter; rarely do they add anything.



Also, you can now post images with just the Url (without markdown). If it ends in a .jpg, .gif, or .png it will be rendered as an image.


@magic cave: Do you mean to tell us that you woot while you're supposed to be working??! For shame! Tsk, tsk.



@thunderthighs: Neither me! Awesome! Now I wish I had bought that "esc" button t-shirt posted a few days back.


@thunderthighs: That, and he was FABULOUS on St. Elsewhere, too!


Overall I like the change, but videos/pictures seem to slow down the threads. Though it could be because there are a ton here.


@reginafilangee: I still remember him doing the rubber glove over his head thing.


BTW- @josefresno: thanks for doing all this. (Yeah, they forced you to do it and you would have probably prefered to code something else, but it looks great nonetheless.)


@baqui63: This was actually a really fun project to work on. It was a refreshing change to get back into user experience programming rather than some of the data-transfer work I had been doing.


@thunderthighs: Yeah, I liked his old stand-up routines too. He's just so annoying now that I can barely remember that far back.


@josefresno: I need a Betta Taster badge. I really do.