questionscheap gps w/ bluetooth


I've got a Garmin 645wt currently a little over $100.00 on Amazon... I use the bluetooth for my hands free phone needs...
There is a newer model to replace it... You should be able to find it on ebay new or refurbed... The lowest price I've seen was months ago on Amazon $80.00 new...


@hobbitss: thanks, but i don't need "Hands-free Calls", i want the fair GPS lady to tell me directions in headphones while wearing BT headset. :)

something like this:
but not for $400. i don't understand why the set for $100 can't have same functionality, all BT hardware is already there.... ugh.


@jamesbottomtooth: Sorry about that... I even got my model number wrong... I own a 265wt... I found a model matrix on an Amazon page that shows some of the newer model have a FM output so you can listen on the radio...
Not sure if that will work for you... Just scroll toward the bottom of the page and you will find it...


@hobbitss: yep. i figured you meant 265. i actually bought 265 a month ago or so but it was defective so i had to send it back. now the price on it jumped like +$30! wtf. in the end i will probably by another one just like it, but it is still not what i was hopping for.