questionswhen is there going to be another sewing machine…


You never know with Woot! I suggest subscribing to the Woot! daily email. By having it delivered to your IN box every day, you're sure to see it if or when they're sold again. Meanwhile, get your fanny over to Big Daddy Woot! and monitor the Woot-off.


I've noticed with the acquisition of Woot by Amazon, a lot of products have magically appeared on Amazon. For the superb refurb deals, check out Amazon's warehouse deals (I type in & it goes there), but sometimes items will show up as being sold by Woot. I got a fantastic deal on my sewing machine from Costco though.


@liss: Warehouse Deals started out with Woot, not Amazon (as I recall).

@amoraluv: Sewing machines are as rare as hen's teeth on Woot, but maybe someone will post a deal for one, later, and cleverly "mention" you in it, so that you'll get a notification. You do have notification if mentioned turned on, don't you?

Costco (as Liss mentioned) is an outstanding place to buy a machine, as long as they have the machine you want (their selection tends to be limited).

The advice to monitor the Woot Off is also wise, since I've seen sewing machines show up there (and not yet, so there's still time). You might also poke @brutherford and tell him to put a sewing machine up as a Moofi deal. It could happen.


@shrdlu: I mentioned Costco because sewing machines are a seasonal item for them, and if I recall correctly, it's typically a holiday item there.


@liss: Interesting. I have a Costco membership (which often pays for itself with a single purchase), but seldom go there. I would avoid it like the plague during the holidays, in the same way I avoid malls, since I dislike crowds, especially during that time of year.

I know that when I've looked for items, their brand selection is very limited, but they always have good prices on the things they do carry. I was actually hoping for someone to post a decent deal on a sewing machine for the OP...


@amoraluv: In case you're still looking for the sewing machine/serger combo (and still have notification on), it's today's deal on woot proper. (12/3/2011)


@msklzannie: lol thanks. still waiting for a computerized sewing machine thou