questionsdo you know any good marquee sayings?


Depends on brave you feel:

Don't let your wife shovel that snow. Get her a snowplow instead.


Be your own Mr. Plow King

j5 j5

Come in and get plowed!

Spread 'em.

Or you could combine them: "Spread 'em and get plowed."


What do you mean by "marquee"? What would the use be? Do you mean a general slogan? What is the company name? Where is it located?


I knew you guys wouldn't disappoint =]
I like the "Come in and get plowed!", but I'm not sure how my grandmother would feel about that.

I'm not sure what most people call it, but here, we have a sign with our logo, and contact info on it. Underneath that, is some spaces to place letters. The use can be anything. Plain and boring, or catchy and exciting. Whatever sounds good. We don't have any sales going on right now, so we can't put anything like that up.
I'm a little Leary to put our name up, because I don't want to be receiving prank calls all day =P But we are located in Ohio.


Saw one MANY years ago in front of a Ken's Pizza in Clovis NM.

side one: The boss said to change the sign so I did.
side two: I changed this side too.


"We love the weather that other people hate"


Our specialty? Snowjobs.


The more you plow, the more you make.


"Your wife called and said it's okay."

"Shoveling sucks, get a snowblower!" (If you carry them)


@j5: Mr. Plow, that's my name! My name again, is Mr. Plow!