questionsdo you like to have pizza (and other foods…


It depends on the situation. Usually I will do pickup, and swing by on my way home or combine it with a trip out to get something else. I like to have the delivery option (I never had that when I was growing up so I was jealous of everyone who could) for those days when we just don't want to go out at all.


I'm disabled so delivery saves my life in all areas, not just food. I have more problems with packaged food from say Amazon then I do with pizza or chinese food which is delivered the minute it comes out of the oven most times.


Most places I like delivery but the little oriental place on the corner gets so swamped with orders that I just send my husband or son to get it.

I love those little family owned places but if they get too busy, it's best to retrieve the food yourself.


Delivery! I don't want to have to get dressed, brush my teeth, and style my hair just to get food. The delivery person doesn't care what I look like. Although sometimes we fight about who will answer the door. (who has the nicer sweat pants on)


I pick em up myself.
Sometimes I'm there before they've even finished making it.


Pizza we only have delivered if we've been drinking. Any other time we have pizza it's in a restaurant situation. Chinese takeout we always go pick up. (Unless we've been drinking.)


Pick up, what you save on delivery costs and tips should outweigh what you spend on gas.


being fat and lazy i obviously prefer delivery, BUT I live JUST far enough outside of town, no one delivers here. (there is 1 pizza place, but lets just say i'm not a fan of theirs..)


@wootfast: Hey man! How are you doing?



I do pick-up since the Pizza shop is only 30 seconds from me! They also have a pick-up window so I can drive up, pay, and be on my way. And since I live so close, I don't have to worry about the pizza getting cold! (I know some of you are saying: 30 seconds! Why don't you walk?? 2-part answer: Not the best area, and it's about a 10-minute walk so the pizza would cool off) ;->

P.S. - I just got done eating mine about an hour ago; good timing on the question!


Small town here, so delivery isn't on the menu options.


I pick up. I live within walking distance of good independent pizza, and if I'm going to a chain for cheaper pizza the pickup price at Papa Johns is cheaper than the delivery price even without the delivery fee and tip added in. an $8 large would probably cost $14 delivered, at which point I might as well buy the independent pizza.

Also delivery makes people lazy. If I have to put on pants to go get food, well, I ought to have some base standard of living above which I do not drop, however low. If I am hungry and cannot bring myself to dress, I cook my own food..


It depends on two factors: What I am currently doing, and the cost of delivery.

If i am already out of the house, or looking to get out of the house, I will pick it up. Usually it is a little faster, and if I am already out than why not? If I am at home relaxing, or have company, delivery. Second factor, delivery charges. The Chinese place I like delivers through a third party delivery service, and they require a $20 order, a $3 delivery charge, and of course tip. Since $20 of fried rice and orange chicken would feed me for a week that never happens. Similar thing for Pizza Hut, since the only one that delivers is across town and charges a bunch for delivery (not that I eat Pizza Hut more than once a year). Papa John's, Jimmy Johns, and a few of the other little places near by deliver for practically nothing, so I am more likely to do delivery. (Papa John's is $0.90 on the weekends, $1.20 durring the week, Jimmy Johns is always $0.25/item)


I tend to pick-up so I can check the order and have them remake if it is incorrect.


I always pick up, I don't think I've ever had anything delivered. I usually only order out during the week so I call it in and just pick it up on my way home from work since I pass everything on my way home anyway.


when i was in "community" college, there was a pizza place in the next town over(the one with the big college), that the listed menu prices were for 2 pizzas if you had it delivered, but for 3 pizzas if you came and picked it up yourself... it was only 20 miles each way, gas was only $1.50/gallon, my car got 25mpg on the highway, so for $3 in gas I got an extra pizza!

the actual Pizzas were ok, nothing to write home about, but good selection of toppings....we would sometimes experiment with the "free" 3rd pie. my fav was pesto, roasted garlic, and sundried tomatoes. -which turns out to be difficult to replicate @ most pizza chains....


Depends how tired/lazy I may be feeling, as well as the weather. Sometimes, I don't mind going out for a bit to just pick stuff up. A nice drive, get out of the house for a few.


My house is within a mile of anything worthwhile around here. Quick drive, bike ride or walk to get pizza, chinese, subs, burgers, philly cheesesteaks, grocery store, and many chain restaurants. And downtown district is a 1.5 miles the other direction.


I feel that delivery always results in the food quality suffering....if I'm serious about having some food and having it taste good, I will either make it myself and eat it fresh, or go to the source!


I like delivery, but I always feel like the neighbors are judging me for being lazy and bad food habits. Because, you know, the neighbors have nothing better to do than pay attention to how many times the pizza car is in my driveway . . .


I am too cheap for delivery. I go to pick it up. It also gives a good opportunity for the dog to enjoy a ride in the car.