questionsasus ms238h computer monitor good deal or not?


oh also forgot to add if you had to buy a monitor from one and having never seen the monitor i know this is a big no no.. but who would you buy it from?

Also CompUSA has it for 209.99$
I guess the better question is who has the better return policy? lol

I suppose I also should of mentioned I use my pc for movie watching and gaming most of the time when I'm not trying to force myself to do school work.


CompUSA is gone gone gone. It's really Tiger Direct. Think that one over.

[Edit] Amazon and Newegg are both okay, but please be VERY sure that the Amazon purchase is from Amazon, and not from a vendor that is just using Amazon as a storefront. NOT THE SAME.


@shrdlu: CompUSA still has online stores just no real stores??? Or am I missing something of your statement. Sorry shrdlu I'm dense lol
But Tiger has it for 209.99

EDIT: yeah when I was building this desktop I'm on currently (my first build ^^) I bought a case from a vendor since it was the cheapest (a shuttle) however after getting the case in I found out to my dismay that the video card slot faces the other way than all my friends so the fan faces out and into the side of the wall. I tried to return it but they charged wayyyyy to much restocking fee. So I just ebayed it and got all my money back ^^


@dravack: I don't EVER buy anything from Tiger Direct. That's just me. Please consider that I have disposable income that you may not have. On the other hand, often the cheapest is not the best.

Actually, I wasn't much of a fan of CompUSA even while they were still in business.

You need to wait until people who actually care about monitor quality are awake and reading. I'm awake (more or less), but I don't care about quality, only longevity (and I have a spare monitor right now, so it'll be a very long time before I buy another).


@shrdlu: good point about the cheapest not being the best and longevity over quality. But I though Asus was a good brand? I have an asus laptop still in the corner that runs fine except the battery holds no charge and it weighs 20 lbs (not kidding) this baby is oldddddd lol so need to ebay it.


@dravack: I think that the reference to cheapest was to where you were buying it, not what you were buying.


@cassandratroy: ah yeah that makes sense too I dunno amazon is the cheapest and I've never really had a problem with them.. But then I've never tried to return something or what not to them. NewEgg i know for a fact is a dirty word when you try to RMA something to them so I kinda want to steer clear of them for life now though I know thats close to impossible.


@dravack: Let me echo your sentiment on Newegg. I know they're popular, but I buy NOTHING from them. I'd shop at Walmart first (and my Daddy was union, so you know that'll never happen). I like Amazon. If it's not really amazon, but someone with an amazon storefront, then I go and read ONLY the negative reviews, and I read them very carefully. I may also check things like reseller ratings.

Amazon is usually pretty good. I've had a couple of bad experiences, but I buy a LOT of stuff, so a couple is less than 1% for me. My best experiences have been the used booksellers, and camera equipment (antonline is one of the people I've dealt with, I think).

Do your homework.

If this is directly from Amazon, then it's a total win, and I'd just do it.


@shrdlu: looks like amazon ftw! =) Thanks for the input.

I'll wait till Monday to order though (no shipping on Sunday so no point) And see if someone has comments on quality of this monitor. The specs from what I can understand of them look solid for an awesome monitor just the little ring stand on the back seems annoying but thats no big deal.


I don't know what folks have against Tiger Direct and New Egg, but I have purchased several computers, monitors, and other electronics from them and found the experience to be perfect. I got what I paid for fast and everything worked (including all the refurbs). I have never pursued customer service with them because I never needed it. I monitor both sites with an eye for special deals for myself and those friends I know are looking for something particular.


@nortonsark: Tiger I've never dealt with but as for newegg I hate them because I bought some memory from them and one stick was DOA. However, to RMA them to newegg I had to have all of the packaging. Which honestly is a bit ridiculous. So I ended up having to RMA them to corsair who didn't care what I shipped them in.

I guess I should of know this but this being my first time building a computer and it being the only tiny piece of plastic i threw away it upset me. Other than that they have some great deals. I'll just never buy from them if I can avoid it. I'll get bestbuy to price match them and shop there. Better customer service and besides I get 5$ back everytime i spend enough money.

But now I'm rambling so I'll shut it lol.


@nortonsark: It isn't what you buy, it's what you have to return that's the problem. You've been lucky, and that's good. You will discover that Tiger Direct is very tough to return things, and that they will make it as difficult as possible for you to do so. Newegg's not too different.

I have really been happy with Amazon, even for those one or two things that went south. They are very quick to respond, and will see to it that a storefront vendor will make it right. I've changed my mind on something I bought (I just decided I didn't want it), and because they'd already shipped it, I had to pay to ship it back. They actually still gave me an RMA, but then took shipping off the refund.

Sometimes saving a dollar or two isn't worth it in the long run. Or even the short run.


If one is really concerned about being able to return stuff I don't think you can beat Costco. I have returned two fried monitors that were over a year old and they refunded my money without blinking. I am told they will even take back ancient software (opened!) provided it was purchased from them. You don't even need the receipt or packaging as they can look up the transaction on their system.The other day I saw someone return a flatbed full of totally dead plants they had dug up from their yard. It's amazing, but my conscience prevents me from taking (too much) advantage of them.


@nortonsark: lol wow the plants are awesome.. I can't believe they took them back. I think I've heard of walmart taking back fish which die in X amount of days. Which also seems amazing to me so I guess why not plants too. shrugs

But as towards buying it at costco I don't think they carry this monitor..? So I can't do that.. Unless you know of a monitor they have that spec wise is just as good as this? Close to the same price I don't mind going up some but I'm not going to pay say 500$ for one.

Also do you know if this monitor is any good? I don't really know anything about monitors but when I compare the specs to others this one seems to blow them out of the water and the price is several hundred less... which makes me wonder?


The deal that initiated this thread strikes me as good, but perhaps not great. I have no experience with Asus monitors, but I am happy enough with a couple of Asus netbooks I own. One of the monitors I returned to Costco after it literally caught on fire was a 26 inch Visio with built in speakers purchased for just over $300. Costco no longer carried it, but I liked it so much (despite the failure) I purchased two new ones on Ebay for nearly $400 each. I then found the same model refurbished at Tiger Direct for just under $200 and snagged another two (I have more computers than sense). I also happen to like Gateway computers, but Wooters frequently express revulsion of the brand. All of this is personal choice. It would probably help you out to see the monitor in question in person somewhere and see if you find love at first sight.


@nortonsark: lol sadly I'm with the rest of woot world when it comes to gateway >.> I also dislike dell lol.

But as for love at first sight I'm afraid thats impossible. I can't find a single store that has a store front that carries these monitors. Only stores I've found are as follows Amazon, Newegg, Buy, CompUSA, and TigerDirrect

Edit: thats what makes this so hard for me never have seen the thing and the price being so low just kinda messes with my head.


Look at the reviews of ANYthing you look for online.
An excellent way to check things out. Google the manufacturers name and model # and look at other stores or reviews. But take the reviews with a "grain of salt" as people have different tastes. Colors, etc., is in the eye of the beholder, you're looking for FACTS. For monitors, you're looking for dead pixel's or dead on arrival and if the company will take it back. Some company's won't take it back unless 8 or more pixal's are dead or if they are "dead on arrival". If there are 20 reviews and 18 are having problems then there may be an issue. EVERY manufacturer has some bad models now and then, it's just a matter of finding the ones that aren't. Every store, online or brick, have their own return policy's, check with the store first for any major problems and then if still unhappy check with the manufacturer.
You may get a better price at one store but another store has a better return policy, return shipping etc.Look at it all.


Oh yeah,
Some quick things to look for, in general:

Max Resolution:...1980x1080p- (for full HD movie viewing)

Aspect ratio:----16x9 for real -HD- FULL screen viewing, most older monitors have 16x10 and that will give you that black band -stretched- look. Similar to looking at a "Widescreen" movie on a standard TV.

Response time: --- 2ms is excellent, 5ms is ok and 8ms higher for a Gamer isn't good enough. Unless you play the latest greatest games then 5ms+- is fine. Any action movies might get the ghosting affect but the monitors aren't as bad any more.

Connections to computer, etc: .... D-Sub, (for older stuff, VCR's, older tv's, etc)------ DVI (newer computers)--- HDMI, (Wii, X-Box, DVD players etc., latest computers)

To @nortonsark:
Go to the stores online site and type in the brand and model# and some times they will have it. If you buy it online through them and you have problems you can return it to the "Brick & Mortar" store.


@jaygyver: thanks for the advice on good specs.. one last question if you don't mind (anyone else is welcome to answer as well)

which is more important max resolution or refresh rate?

I found a 120 refresh rate monitor but the max res is 1680 x 1050
I know refresh rate will smooth out the images but what will the difference in resolution do?
120 vs 60 hz refresh rate
1980x1080 v 1680x1050


I'm not by any means an expert on any of this but i've been looking for a larger monitor and Laser printer so i've picked up some info in the mean time.
I believe any thing above 60 or 70hz you won't really notice as far as a general user. If you look at the News on the tele and can see a computer screen flicker, thats the refresh rate, some times its fast and sometimes its slow. It's how fast the screen completely turns off then on again to refresh the image shown. It's like a "flip book" where you draw a bunch of pictures on pieces of paper and then "flip" them, it looks like a movie. The faster you flip the better it looks. The human eye starts to pick out the flicker at about 45 or 50hz, if i remember. I have a 20" NEC LCD that refreshes at 60hz at max of 1280x1024 with a 5ms response and am completely happy with it playing all the latest games. I just would like a larger one. I believe the 2ms, 4ms, 7ms etc is how fast you draw on the piece of paper before it flips.


Oops forgot the others,
Again these are just generalities....
1920x1080 vs 1680x1050 I believe is how fine or smooth everything looks. The larger the number the smoother it looks, the more details you can see. 800x600 the icons on your computer look huge and grainy and 1280x1024 are smaller and smoother. If you have a 1680x1050 monitor/TV and play a HD 1920x1080 movie the screen will stretch and shrink it to make it fit. You have the black border on top and bottom. HD (BlueRay etc,) are pretty much "letter box" movies, just HD. They are made for wider screens.
Myself, I'm looking for a Wide Screen 1080p (1920x1080p), 16:9 format for TRUE HD (Not 16:10) everything is steering towards that now any way, 5 ms or faster (lower # is better), Refresh Rate 60hz or faster (larger # is better), DVI and HDMI connector. HDMI for X-Box, PS-3, Wii and newer computers. If you have an older computer make sure it has a VGA connection. Or look for an adapter.