questionsgov't seized cyber-monday counterfeit sites - why…


Probably because the federal forfeiture process affords individuals who have an interest in the seized domain names a period of time after the “Notice of Seizure” to file a petition with a federal court and additional time after the “Notice of Forfeiture” to contest the forfeiture. If no petitions or claims are filed, the domain names become property of the U.S. government.


Seize one, create two more. The cycle continues...


Also, to quote one of my favorite movies, "We have no names, man. No names. We are nameless!"


Can we assume the movie/software pirating sites are next?


@nastyducky: Actually, the sites taken were those violating the copyright laws and were counterfeiting. So, movie and software pirating sites were probably the only ones taken in this phase.


After looking at that list, I'm glad Homeland Security was involved in this raid. Our entire country could have been in a lot of trouble if they were allowed to stay operating.

Seriously now, most of the sites were about NFL jerseys with a few others mixed in.