questionscan a jester share a picture of his new baby girl?


She's beautiful. Congratulations!!


Awwww, she's adorable!! Congrats! :)


What a cutie! Everyone always pretends babies are adorable, but this one actually is. Good work!


She is a beautiful baby. Obviously, she got her good looks from her mom's side of the family ;) Congratulations.


Congratulations ! She's beautiful.


Can't find a button to place it in my cart. Also, anyone know if this place takes paypal?


I'll bid $5 over whatever @mortar235 was gonna offer!

May be the only way I ever get to upgrade from having only a granddog.

GORGEOUS baby!! When was she born -- today? Congratulations to you and Ms.Jester!


@magic cave: @mortar235: Sorry, but like a BOC this one is, and has been sold out even before you clicked the link. ;)

Aubrey Eileen Bluejester was born at 1:26 am Sunday, September 15th. She was 6 pounds 4 ounces and 19 inches long. Both her and Mrs. Jester are doing well. I know you can't tell from this picture, but she is a very wide eyed little girl (when awake). She's already wriggling up a storm and make her mommy and I smile and laugh so much. =)


@bluejester: Even though it's been a bit over 43 years, I still remember quite clearly the magic of those first couple of days, realizing that he really truly was a real little person.

Aubrey is quite lovely. Again, congratulations!


Wow! What a cutie! We will expect more pictures so be prepared to post them!

When people show me their new babies and ask "Doesn't it make you want one?" I always answer, "Yes, INSTEAD OF the ones I already have." Not that I don't love my kiddos. just that now that they are grown (28 and 23) I finally know what I SHOULD have done.

Enjoy your Bundle of Carp/Joy. Before you know it she will be grown. Congratulations.


Precious little baby girl. Thank you so much for sharing her...


She's gorgeous. And she's a clear winner for DEAL OF THE DAY!


Awww. No, I do not one. I like the borrow yours and give back when tired plan. Babies are so small and perfect too bad they grow into teens. Congrats to the newly enlarged Jester family!


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I do have a work around
Next time ask 'What should I buy this adorable child?'
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Congrats on your Bundle of Cuteness


Welcome BabyJester! Does she have a Woot Account yet?