questionsdid you know roku only honors a 90 warranty?


I don't turn off the power to mine but I do disconnect the internet from it when I don't use it. Mine was refurbished and only had a 30 day warranty. It is now 6 months old. I learned from comments that you don't want it continuously connected because some updates are harmful and should not be immediately installed. Remember a good surge protector or UPS can also extend the life of a ROKU.


I don't turn the power off from mine either. It was in a surge protector and I also disconnected from the internet when we weren't using it. However, I unplugged it because we moved the TV in our room to a different area, and then I plugged it back in and nothing.....I just hate wasting money.


@silo11: There was probably an update that required a reboot and the update failed, bricking the unit.


@silo11: Well, dang. That's a serious bummer.


What sort of electronics manufacturer only warranties their product for 90 days? That seems shady. One would assume it was at least 1 year like just about every other electronic item sold.

I guess I'll just scratch that off of my list.

Makes the $10 3-year warranty from Squaretrade sound like a great investment.


makes me even more happy with my WDTV-live's upcoming 1st brithday. One of the firmware updates slowed it down quite a bit, but the next solved it. Woot! for me!!!!!


I don't know if it's still the case, but Sony used to have a 90-day warranty on everything...even $1,000+ products. I always recommended them, because they were the best at the time, but I always told people to buy an extended warranty too.

I don't like the policy much, but it is basically caveat's your responsibility as a buyer to know what it is that you're buying. If the 90-day warranty scares you (which it should), buy an extended warranty to protect yourself...or buy a different brand if that makes more sense.

It's good that you're letting others know about the 90-day warranty though, as many people don't even look at that stuff.


When you say "it stopped powering up yesterday" No power, no power, or it still lights up?
Either way power supplies (bricks) seem to have a high failure even if not a complete failure it could under power the ROKU. Do you have anything else that could power it?
Volts should be equal to the old power supply.
Amps on the new power supply can be higher, but should never be lower.

Check out the first page of this:
Watch the polarity.


What @caffeine_dude said. I have an older Roku that died: really it was just the power supply. I bought a new power supply from Roku for like 15 bucks and it was good as new. I bought a newer version but that one is still running fine in a new household (I gave it away)


@caffeine_dude: A friend of mine also has a ROKU so I tried his power supply and it still didn't work. I wished I would have looked closer at the warranty so I could have could have purchased the extended warranty.


@silo11: That is too bad, but at least you know for sure.


The first time I called into Roku about my Roku stick they told me about the warranty and that in 90 days it would cost me $10 a phone call.. well I just called in 75 days later and while I was on hold I was googling if I should buy the extended warranty.
When customer support picked up, they solved my problem of my remote not working by having me basically unplug everything, remove the batteries, the whole reboot thing. That fixed it.. there is also a remote app that I now have on my iPhone.

The extended warranty costs $8/yr but they sell it for 2 years so for $19 you can call, that might be limited I'm not sure what he said, he may have said 3 times a year, I hope not. But if it were to stop working they replace it and they pay for shipping and handling is well. I disconnect the plug for my smart TV and the Roku stick as much as I possibly can because apparently they keep sucking up electricity. It has become a habit for me now.