questionswhat is the best inexpensive universal remote?


Do you need it to control a cable box or satellite receiver? (that can make the remotes more expensive)


My universal remote is my Dish Network remote and while I have a separate remote for my 360, I don't really need it. I can't really say which is best, but you ought to be able to find one around $20 easily.
I'm not sure how to check to see if they'll work for your exact devices. Make sure you buy from a place like Amazon so you can send them back if they don't work with your specific device.


I bought this one recently at Target. We have a mid-price-range Harmony for our living room, but I wanted a less expensive option for another part of the house. I have not tried it personally, but the word on the Interwebs is that you can program this one to work with your Xbox360.


IMHO, cheap remotes are all the same. Get the cheapest, but yet durable one. And maybe opt for one that takes AAs. Unfortunately, most remotes in the sub $20 range won't touch your 360.

I have a $300 Harmony RF remote (880?). It's a piece of you know what.


I like the Sony RM-VL600 Remote:

Bought my most recent one earlier this year for $20 at Sears. On my second one in 10 years, because the buttons did start to fail. It's a good button layout, no stupid LCD screen, and has a learning function for any IR device. When you replace the batteries, the learned functions are not lost.

While it has built-in codes for a number of brands, I just manually programmed every single button for every device. Took 20 minutes and totally worth it to make sure every button you want is available.

I have my A/V receiver, TV, Blu-Ray Player, MythTV HTPC Computer, and IR outlet switch (for a lamp) all on this remote. It has a great range (> 20 feet).


Get Harmony One quality for $25

acoustic research xsight 15-device universal remote

Google it. I got 2 on Woot. deals.woot sells it regularly. Very respected company/product in Europe