questionswhat do you think of people who request a read…


Agree with you. I would find it arrogant and annoying.


Thoroughly agree with you. I find it very irritating.


I never send the read receipt back, I figure that's my little way of getting back at them for annoying me.


If you know what email client they're using, send them a "pro tip" on how to turn it off for all emails. Then show them how to request it for individual, important emails only. Since it's automatic for them, they may not know how annoying it is for their recipients.


I usually assume they aren't sufficiently computer literate to turn the function off. The level of computer skills in my work cohort are pretty low.


@jmattoon: me too, when asked I say no don't send...unless it is something of importance that and that receipt could be beneficial for both of us (sender and reader)


We have a couple folks from a regional office or headquarters that request read receipts when they send out mass emails to thousands of employees. They must really like being bomarded with receipts all day.


I like to think they have no idea that it's on.


I always send a read receipt when applying for jobs. I cannot count how many times an employer has sent a receipt and when I follow up say, "Oh we didn't get an email from you".


I usually walk over to the person in the office requesting it and tell them in person I read their email. We both laugh, and then I show them how to turn the function off. It works like a charm.


I think nothing of it because I have my "no receipt, ever, pizzoff" global setting turned on and never see it.

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Just as annoying as the guy who flags every single email with the little "High Importance" exclamation point...


If it's from my boss, then it's to insure I read something important.

If it's from anyone else, who has it turned on purposefully, then I don't see it as arrogance, I see it as insecurity. They suspect you are ignoring them.


I find them very entertaining. That's why I accept/ respond to their read receipt and request that I receive a receipt from them when my read receipt to them was received/ read. It's a moderately exciting chain of events.


I disable the return from my client. Just because they want it doesn't mean they deserve it.


@icet1986: Then what do you them a liar? Does that help you get the job? LOL


@reginafilangee: I forward the discrepancy to their IT people and their boss so everyone knows they are a liar and if there is a legitimate communication then they have the opportunity to address it.


I read the message using the preview pane (so it doesn't get marked as read)

Then I delete it.

They get a "Your message was deleted without being read" receipt


@icet1986: All this bad karma you're accumulating Is gonna catch up with you, bro.


I work at a software engineering firm, so we shouldn't really have any tech-illiterate people here. The only person here who sends emails requesting a read receipt only ever sends emails out company-wide and it's only ever about things not directly related to work, like fundraisers or events. I keep hoping she'll be so inundated with receipts that she'll turn the thing off, but it hasn't happened yet.