questionsdid you know that south dakota is the best state…


I can name some of the worst for you....


Have you been hanging out over at "Sellout!" ?
All the polls there for past week or so have been about SD.
Did the poll writers put you up to this question ?
This is madness I tell you ! Simply madness !


Also, Brookings, SD, was recently rated #5 in the top 10 small towns in the USA by some poll/magazine. My wife grew up near there and went to SDSU, so she was interested in that result.

So yeah, what's up with all the attention to SD lately?


Woot, are you opening an office in SD? Is that what's happening to you? Or is someone from their tourism board taking over your polls?


Lake Oahe (man-made) N & S Dakota is in the TOP 10 for Largest Lakes in the United States at 685 sq mi

... and I was not contacted by the Poll Writers at WOOT to the best of my knowledge.