questionscome on over to the employee designed shirt…


A good way to see some pictures of the woot staff too.


While i got you here, i might as well show you how i made my shirt.
First, i wanted to sketch a monkey face using straight lines and a colored pencil, and then outlined with a uniball pen.

It is one of 3 i drew at the same time.
Its loosely based on the monkeys that cover their eyes ears and mouth.
Coworkers say they think its a frog! what?

Anyway, do you guys do any artwork? i'd love to see it.


i love how the first two are Ass Bran.


@carl669: well, they are kinda synonymous with one another...sometimes..

P.S The new secret password to get into the Woot Game Room is "Han Shot First". I had clearly made a mistake between Greedo and Han.


@rogetray: I am not sure you know the meaning of the word "secret". :)


@wootfast : I'm actually surprised that you are the only one who has come over to deals to promote your shirt. Extra points for that. Not sayin' that means I'm going to buy/vote for your shirt. Just sayin' it's nice to see someone respect the Deals crowd.
We are actually a powerful yet sadly oft forgotten constituency on Woot. So kudos to you @wootfast.