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Amazon has always given me amazing service when I've had problems. Woot does a great job as well, I had a problem with a moofi order a few months ago and they were great!


I agree with amazon, and apple has always been very helpful. Work-wise, Agilent technologies has great tech support.


Agreed, woot customer service is excellent.
I had an Ebay problem with a seller about a year ago and they handled it fine, no pain. My items arrived just after that.
I used Paypal virtual credit cards when they were available a few years ago making a fairly large purchase and their customer service called me to make sure it was me before releasing the funds.


I just received a package from today, and am happy to say they are the very best at packaging items so that my beautiful porcelain nativity scene arrived in perfect condition. Don't bother looking for it, no one posted it as a deal, and it's gone, long gone. Once an order was missing an item, and the nice people at the other end of the 800 number asked what it was, and sent a replacement that was sent priority (normally they use the slow boat method).

It's decently quick shipping, for the price, and the way things are packaged. I ordered on the 27th, it shipped on the 29th, and I have it now (for frame of reference).

When things I've ordered have been VERY fragile, they've come in a box surrounded by styrofoam in another box. They are my favorite shipper (even more than Amazon).

Thanks for the opportunity to say something nice for a change. :-D


BEST BUY. I was surprised.

I ordered one of their $5.00 Nintendo 3DS games during Christmas to pick-up at store. I was notified the store no longer had one available. I called the 800 number and got right into customer service dept. The guy I spoke to was very nice and suggested other games. I thought he was trying to up-sell me at first.

He wasn't. He gave me Super Mario Cart 7 for 3DS for $5.00! A $40 game!


360buy, the customer service is really good. Once I have ordered the wrong size, I want to exchange for a small one. They came to get the package and sent a new one to me. I don't have to be responsible for the shipping fee. Great.


Amazon (I've never had a problem, but I wanted to buy some stuff tax-exempt for work... five minutes after I clicked "call me now," I knew how to do it).

Oneida (I forgot to add a coupon code to save about $30 on a $45 order... I called customer service and, while they couldn't add the code, they were able to cancel the original order so I could redo it correctly; took less than ten minutes).

Sears (it was a deal posted here for a pair of Craftsman tool bags... it was priced incorrectly in their system and I was overcharged by about 60% (I knew ahead of time it would do this from comments on the deal). I called them and it took me longer to explain the problem than it took the guy to fix it (was on the phone for maybe five minutes).

TMobile customer service has always been wonderful, unlike the other cell providers that I've dealt with (pretty much all of them except Sprint).


Skullcandy has always been good to me, I've never had to wait more than a minute to get a customer service rep. Always nice people who do everything they can to help you out. I love dealing with them and that's one of the things that keeps me coming back.


Woot! - I ordered 3 key chain screaming monkeys and one of them was a mute. Woot sent me a replacement one and told me to not to worry about sending the broken one back.

Waterpik - I bought a rainfall shower head and after a few months, the ball joint where the pipe connection leads to the head was leaking (hope I am describing it correctly). They replaced it very quickly and provided me with the return shipping label so they can examine the defect. A few months later, the replacement had the same issue. They offered a different, but comparable product. Same, fast shipping, and not a issue since.


I had had a couple of Issues with NORTON but each time I called them, I had no problems and great help.


@underinsomnia: Woot missed a chance for more stuff for a BOC?


L.L. Bean. Best guarantee in the business. All based on your satisfaction with the product. So essentially return it whenever you like for any reason as to why you are not satisfied!


I agree with some of the merchants listed here - Amazon is my favorite for customer service (although their "online chat" CS can be painfully slow). Lands' End has amazing CS as well. Our school uniforms come from there. The kids fell and "burned" the knees out of two pairs of nylon gym pants. I called to talk to someone about the material and they replaced both pairs free. All I had to do was drop off the damaged ones to a Sears store near me. I have been very pleased with all my CS interactions at Lands' End.

Woot, I have had mixed experiences with - my 1st shirt.woot order was a mess - I wanted 3 shirts, but needed for son #2 to get home to discuss size. Ordered 2 to be sure they would not sell out, but was unable to order the 3rd - limit 3 or 1 order, I guess. CS wouldn't help. Had to pay more the next day. Also wooted 2 gadgets to view shows on multiple TVs. Although new, one did not work. Woot couldn't replace it/do anything for us. Hubby fixed it- lucky for me.


Keurig. Replaced a unit with no hassles. Same for other family members whose units had a malfunction of some sort.


Amazon has the best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with... Most phone companies are the worst (AT&T, T-Mobile, and Tracfone all suck IMO)



im hoping roku will be good, but so far they are not.
emailed support advising the back button on the roku remote went out. after a day i was contacted by Babu(?!). I specifically stated in an email all the rest work fine but that one is not. he gives me all the TS for if the remote wasn't sending out IR anymore.... idiots. I guess i will have to hastle with phone support tomorrow



Found a 4 year old laser mouse that bit the dust long ago and realized that it had a 5 year warranty on it. Called support and they let me choose any mouse on their website up to $50 (when I had originally only paid $35 for the mouse). They shipped the new one to me within a few days and didn't even require me to send the old one back!


I have gotten great service from Amazon, an online company and from America's Tires (also known as Discount Tires) for a retail store. They fix my flats and rotate my tires for free. Whenever I have a tire problem they are knowledgeable and willing to help. Woot! has always been good to me too.


Southwest, Costco, Amazon, Nordstrom, Pro Flowers,, and Target are all on my good to very good side right now.

Even though you didn't ask - Continental, United, Hertz, Comcast, and Lenovo have all pissed me off for one reason or another in the past month.

vote-for3vote-against and have been nothing but amazing. Woot has had some issues, but hastily resolved them (thank you!) and Amazon is pretty keen as well.

vote-for4vote-against has been great on customer service, as well. We had a cast aluminum bird bath arrive with a broken part. They shipped us out a new one, and told us we could keep the broken one (I just turned the broken part toward the fence... Birds didn't care!).


IRobot -ordered a refurbished item. Came DOA, called them up and they replaced the whole thing without my needing to send them back the original. Essentially, I got a bunch of spare parts for free!

AmEx- Amazing customer service. They are always willing to fight wrong charges and oftentimes credit me ahead of time instead of making me wait for everything to be resolved.


Lands End, Woot, Apple, and Amazon have all been great. Ease of returns is a huge thing for me, and keeps me going back to Amazon and Lands End when buying gifts.

My local book store chain Hugo Books (one is 1 block away) was awesome at helping me buy last-minute gifts for my nephews and brother this year. And they have helped me with ideas for books to read that I sometimes end up getting online. Awesome


Awesome customer service is hard to find. Amazon is wonderful with returns, but I have never had to call or chat. Designer Living was wonderful. I had a question on a price and called before they opened. I got a call back within the hour and she helped me with the issue. Radio Shack had a rc truck on sale, but when I got to the store, they were out. The salesman called another store and had them ship it to my house free. It arrived the next day. Paypal customer service is great. Had Barnes and Noble overcharge my account. They refused to cancel the shipment, so I called Paypal. They cancelled payment and submitted a complaint.

On my DNSUAC (Do Not Shop Under Any Circumstance!) list:

Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Comcast, & Verizon


I also appreciate how easy it is to return stuff with Amazon!

My most recent great CS experience was with Apple. When I heard about the iPod Nano 1st gen recall I dug up my son's old 1GB iPod Nano that had been sitting for YEARS in a drawer with a dead battery. I plugged the serial number into the Apple website and it was eligible for the recall. They sent us the box to return it in and there was no paperwork to fill out. Just about a week ago now we got the replacement - still an iPod Nano, but a new 8GB 6th gen touch screen!! I never expected more than a refurbed 1GB 1st gen!

On my worst list right now is Sears. They used to be my go-to place for major appliances, but the last two times I have had problems with them. The most recent was a nightmareish experience that resulted in us living without a refrigerator for over a month!!!