questionsdid you hear that amazon prime is now on xbox…


I see you found out about it from slickdeals


I read something about it on Amazon earlier today. I couldn't care less though since I don't/won't own a 360...


Great news. Now if only I could get HBO Go on my PS3, my instant video needs would be complete.


Maybe now I'll actually try out some of the free instant videos they keep giving me.

A bit off topic, but if you buy a Blu-ray and receive free 2-day shipping on it, are you really going to watch a crappier, streaming version of the film before your physical copy arrives?


You need to be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber to use Amazon video.


@samstag: And that is why I prefer my PS3. I still don't understand why 360 owners put up with paying for the same services that the other consoles provide for free.


@lichme: Yes, yes I did, didn't think it mattered where the info was found so long as I shared it with my fellow WOOTERS


I heard, but am not interested. Thanks for the info anyway!