questionshaving some trouble with my iphone...


Do a Factory reset. Sometimes "It Just Works" is wishful thinking.

If the phone reset does not fix the problem, connect to iTunes and do a full reset/update from there. The OS will then be clean. If it then persists, it is a hardware issue.


are you up to date on the iOS version? I have the 4s and haven't updated since the 5 came out and my phone has been acting kind of wonky lately. I notice that happens if I am behind by several updates (which I am). Now that they have a google maps app I think I am finally going to update.


When you say "restarting," do you mean it's hard rebooting? Whether it is or not, it might be worth trying a manual hard reboot. Have you installed any new apps lately or updated any apps? I once had a new release of a reputable app (NPR) the entire phone to crash until I deleted the app. Whatever else you do, definitely, definitely back up!

@morriea's suggestion is a good one (although obviously back up first!). If you're within driving distance of an Apple Store, I've always had good experiences with the "Genius Bar." They have the ability to run a variety of diagnostics, including looking at which apps might be causing problems.


problem began with your choice of equipment, imho


Best idea is the backup and factory reset. You can do this in iTunes: there is an option to reset: it will download the most recent firmware, wipe the phone, and install it. You can then restore your settings, apps, and data.


@morriea @neuropsychosocial: I was thinking about doing that, but I'm hesitant because of all my app data. If I were to do a full back up, reset the phone, and then load the back up, wouldn't that just load whatever was causing the problem back onto the phone?

At any rate, I didn't notice a self-restart last night, so at least I can tentatively rule out the restart being on a timed circuit.