questionswhat are you doing for lunch december 17, 2012?


I'll have to pass, but you enjoy yourself...


Dec 17 is our annual holiday party at work, so I'll be eating some kind of buffet-type stuff... usually pretty good. Hopefully they will have decent beer this year (last year it was just Bud and Bud Light, and I know that many people complained).

As for the McRib... I've never had one. I eat at McDonald's about once every two or three years.


That particular "sandwich" came back the 14th of November around here, one of my coworkers went out on lunch and bought 2 of them to eat, and has had one almost everyday since then.
Personally I avoid fast "food" like the plague but enjoy your "treat"


Are...are you asking us out?

Individually or as a group?


I'll have 2 if you're buying...thanks!


I've never had a McRib. I'm not against the idea, and although I generally opt against fast food, I occasion to visit virtually every chain of note once and again.

But I can't stand the marketing of this garbage. The whole "Oh it's here, now it's not. If you come between 5:15pm and 6:23pm on alternate Thursdays, you can buy three at a time, but if you come on the wrong Thursday, we'll deny it ever existed. The McRib will be available to any who are willing to play seven minutes in heaven with The Grimace this Lent"

Put the damn sandwich on the menu already and let the people choke on it or enjoy it in moderation whenever they please, or sell it to Arby's and be done with it. The McRib is probably the most obnoxious thing that McDonald's has ever done, and they got away with selling fake food to an increasingly gluttonous public for decades.


Enjoy your pieces of shoulder meat compressed together to resemble a rib design.
I'll go have Whataburger.


@wickedd365: Get me a BOB while you're there and a strawberry shake, thanks.


Found one today in my area. Not all McDonalds have them but they are starting. It was good, not great. I figure by next week they should remember how to make them again.