questionswhat will you miss the most?


After the even more rare BOC aren't you the Bell-Jar of Cake?


Bye @xarous. Sorry to see you go, but I completely understand why.
The mishandling of last night's fun is really leaving a sour taste in my mouth.


Fair journeys through the wires! We'll be here if/when you decide to return and hope you choose to do so (or at least pop in to say hi) sometime. :)


I will miss being able to see freebies as well as @ohcheri's lingerie deals on the front page...

We'll miss ya @xarous!


Good Luck in your journeys away from Woot, perhaps someday you can drop in and tell of your adventures!


wootoffs were the first place I saw lolcats and other things of the sort.

I miss the shenanagins on the threads


I wish you the best, @xarous. Sad to see you go


Go in peace. I (and I guess many others) share many of your frustrations. I can't blame you.


@iggz: See iggz it was in the form of a question, just for you. Troll hard.


The community aspect is what I will miss the most. I have found the items sold have been less and less interesting to me for awhile and find myself visiting the site almost exclusively for the deals side. If it were not for the community aspect I would have left long ago instead of put up with the dissatisfaction of the last months/year.

With that said the DWC really has no direct connection with Woot so will still be able to stop in there and say hello to the members I had most contact with if I choose. Hopefully when I go it will be on nights without woot events so it will focus on the normal BS chat rather then on the "wootiverse". If they speak of changes there maybe I will return but at this point I think it is time for a break.


Am I missing something here? Are they making some sort of drastic change to woot that I didn't read a notice on?

I know there's a woot-off going on, but I haven't been following it very closely - just too much else to do right now for me.


See ya. You still comin to chat with us every now and then?


Take Care @Xarous. Hope you find fair weather and a steady wind in your sails.


none of this and I mean none of this would be happening if Matt was still around......


I bet $20 he posts again tomorrow.


Giving up on woot doesn't have to mean giving up on DW as well, but you will be missed more here than there. :) Peace.


So is everybody flouncing in spectacular fashion or what? I mean...ok. You're upset over not getting a youknowwhat. But be honest. Most flounces don't ever really go anywhere. Could it have been handled better? Probably. Will you be here for the next one? Probably. Will your odds of getting that one be exactly the same? Probably.