questionsocd awareness week is coming up. does anyone haveā€¦


You just can't stand that some people don't know truth about OCD, eh?


So you can speak on behalf of everyone with OCD?


@bsmith1: Uh, no. I can speak on behalf of one person who has OCD as opposed to thousands of people who use the term "OCD" incorectly.


@capguncowboy: It's not that I can't stand it. I brought it up a few times this year and thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about what it really is.

Also I was kinda bored.


@curli76: Sorry, that was merely a joke suggesting you suffer from OCD :) I actually read up on it a few years ago when I learned that Mark Summers suffers from it. The grasp it had on his behavior is crazy.


@curli76: Ok. So the only thing you can tell me is what having OCD is "really like" for YOU. Isn't there a very wide array of types and severity of OCD? How do you know those t-shirts aren't an accurate portrayal of how at least one person experiences OCD?


I have OCD, ADD, PTSD and a few other acronyms.


@bsmith1: Those t-shirts implied that merely having certain obsessive and/or compulsive behaviors = having the disorder.

Yes, all I can offer is one person's perspective, or several peoples' perspectives, if @Zippy the pinhead or anyone else wanted to join in.

Maybe it was a self-centered question, for which I apologize. If you think so, downvote and move on.

I'm done defending myself to you now.


@zippy the pinhead: Do you want to get a box of Alpha-Bits and we can make edible charm bracelets of our assorted initialed disorders?


I know what it was like for my horse trainer. We would walk out to the pasture to check the animals which involved opening and closing several gates, the barn door and stall doors. Even though I would say on the way back to the house, "Look, you locked the gate." or door, etc. she would still have to go back and check everything 3 times. She just couldn't help herself.


Like omgz u guise, I was like cleaning my car this morning and it's like 4cereal everything had 2 b just rite like I totes know what it's like 2 have ocd, u kno?



@ohcheri: That sucks. And the thing is, she probably knew, too, but there's that little voice that says, "What if" and it's a pretty loud voice. And eventually it becomes less about being worried about the gate actually being open and more about the idea that if you don't check, something else horrible will happen.


@curli76: Someone I once knew would come into my office and move the knickknacks in my office a tiny bit out of place, just to see how long I could stand for them to be awry before coming over and fixing them. It's like a pebble in your shoe. Even though intellectually you know it isn't going to do you any real harm, you just can't get on with your life till you stop and take it out.


@goldenthorn: Aww, sorry to whoever downvoted. I was just satirizing the people who make light of OCD, as a shot at humour. I'm sorry if the attempt was bad/inappropriate. :(


OCD is one of the challenges we deal with in my family. My son has ADHHHHHHD, anxiety, depression, dysgraphia, mild OCD (part of his anxiety problem) and Aspergers. Actually his sum total of challenges pretty much represents the diagnoses from my side of the family plus those from DH's side. The OCD isn't as bad for him as it was when he was younger, but his chief symptoms were the urge to touch nearly everything he passed, and incredible perseveration in hand writing. I didn't think he was going to make it through 3rd grade for a while because he could never form his letters perfectly enough to complete a spelling test.

Are you willing to share a description of your challenges?


You need to tell the voices no. They are not there for the overall good. You will even need to defy them when they try to make you go back and check or do again. This will prove you are correct and they are wrong. Then you move on. This initial consultation is free, I must bill after this.


@xdavex: My son had a principal who made similar suggestions to him (with a sneer). I tried pointing out to the a**hat that this was like suggesting to a student in a wheelchair that he should just get over his paralysis and walk, implying a weakness of spirit or character, rather than a real disorder. The jerk didn't (or wouldn't) understand.

By the end of the school year he was no longer employed by the school system.


@xdavex: Wow. It's that simple. You've cured OCD.


@belyndag: Yes, willing to share. . . will post tonight; I'd like to give it some thought.
In the meantime, here's a wonderful piece by Mara Wilson (former child star, current budding journalist) about the read ocd.


@curli76: It is that simple. The haters just don't realize or want to see the truth.
I'll also say I wasn't making light of OCD like the people above, you know the ones upvoted because they think it's funny.


@curli76: Thanks, now I have "It's raining men" stuck in my head and a strange compulsion to watch "American Psycho." Not even joking.


@curli76: too bad this thread degenerated. I also have ocd and would have liked a more useful conversation.