questionswhat bricks+mortar store do you loathe going to…


best buy

free breakfast tomorrow at ikea, by the way.


walmart. i hate it but only because they fired me. i try going to the one across town if i can, but still dread it. all the pittying looks, and the management not willing to acknoledge me (they turn and run if they see me and think i don't see them)

the "mall". most of ours is empty. not just lacking customers, but lacking stores. there is more "this space for lease" than there are stores.


Wal-Mart because I get what I need in about 5 min. then have to spend 15 min. in line because only 2 of the 30 cash registers are open.

@moosezilla: The mall here has only Dillards and JCPenneys and the food court with a movie theater left in it. It is quite depressing to go in there.


@moosezilla: Did they fire you for being competent and intelligent? That seems to be the antithesis of the average Walmart employee.


Wal-Mart for sure. Here's my least favorite though:

Any CellPhone store
Costco on the weekends. (Weekdays is totally fine)


@moosezilla: You got fired from Walmart and you hate them for it? You should be singing their praises. Anything you do for the rest of your life, no matter how crappy it is will always be a step up.

No one who quits or is fired from WalMart will ever regret getting something better. Good luck in your job search.


i have an exclusive of a prototype of Woot's new brick-n-mortar store


Supermarkets. I want to be able to order my groceries online without having to pay through the roof for delivery.

Standing in line, watching people pull out coupons that they haven't pre-cut, watching people pull out uncompleted checks until after they get the total, not having people put up the divider in front of you, having to enter in your phone number multiple times because the machine is wonky, people invading the 15 or less line with well over 30 items ("Oh, well it's multiple amounts of the same product, so that's okay, right?")...

It's all just too much.


Sears. For some reason the employees wont leave me alone. They follow me around asking if I need help, or am interested in buying a new TV. I hate it when I feel I am being pressured into buying something.


Walmart. $50 coupon with Kindle Fire recently allowed me to see people who appeared to be poor buying groceries that were, in very nearly every case, available across the street at lower prices. I suspect they have bought into the bright shiny people ads rather than 'People of Walmart' cartoons (neither of which show reality).


Best Buy. They are the worst ever.


Walmart. It's a sigh Target does not have some particular thing situation every time too. They're right across the street from each other, so it would be a waste of gas and time to try and check a different Target or elsewhere.

I hate Ikea on weekends. Masses of people, and most of them are the ones who, if they can't get their kids in the play area, allow their children to treat the entire store as a play place. Many of the customers seem not to speak English either at ours, so I've literally had to push past people blocking aisles after saying "excuse me" 5 or 6 times with increasing frustration. It's an entirely different store mid-week!


Target and Ikea. Luckily, no Ikea's here...they just suck.

Target is just so useless, and some of what they sell looks like Ikea junk.


Any grocery store. They have a thing where I can order everything online and pick it up but I feel they would give me the oldest milk and the worst cuts of meat/fish. Guess I have trust issues.


Walmart,especially on weekends!


I share your sentiment on IKEA. But I have learned to method shop (grab my stuff I need and be in and out in 20 min). This is to "buy" and not "shop".
For IKEA, skip the showroom and go directly to the marketplace only 30 from opening and only 30 from closing when buying stuff on weekends.

For other stores, on real weekdays (not including non-holiday or school vacation/breaks), shop at 2-2:30 pm. Most shoppers during the week are moms, and they have to be home and ready for kids to arrive back from school, which means they usually exit stores by 2pm.


@mdoyle1268: If they gave you the worst, you'd never use their program again and their program would be a failure. I recently spoke with the manager of our local store that has grocery pickup to commend them on having a great program and great staff to do the shopping. He said, if they didn't do their job right, no one would use it.


@ruger9mm: The one near me has the same two (and I really have not cared for Dillards in awhile) plus Macy's. Boring.


Walmart. I don't think I have ever made it in and out without hearing a screaming child somewhere in the store.


Walmart. Crowds, mostly. Size in general. I prefer a smaller store all around. I am going to be spending more time there, unfortunately, as I am having new windows installed by a company that has a referral plan where we both get a $100 Walmart gift card for listening to the sales pitch. I am going to be tapping all the homeowners I know to get them to listen to the sales pitch, if I get 65 to play then I will have paid for my windows. On the plus side, these cards are also usable at Sam's for gas. On the minus side, I have a Costco card, not a Sam's card. But if I get enough of these it would make a Sam's membership worthwhhle.


Best Buy.

Just leave me alone already. I need the same amount of help now as I did 5 minutes ago when you last asked me, none. If I do need help I'll find you.

I understand that most people that come in are looking for gifts for their grandchildren and have no clue, so i propose that you decide who to accost first based on need (people that say "www." or "http://www." when saying urls, that person over there trying to use the lens of a camera as the viewfinder, and anyone in the phone section with a flip phone) not proximity.


I hate going to any of them when there are a lot of people in them. I do my best to avoid grocery stores at the first of the month.