questionswho has finals this week?


I was in school so long, I just have to sit back and smile when I think about finals. ...of course I still have nightmares about oversleeping and being late to a test.

"You know a lot of people go to college for seven years."

"I know, they're called doctors."


Yea finals week!, oh wait...
Yes I have finals this week, they are my worst ones yet, but what can you do.

Pop Culture History in the United States
Ancient Greek and Roman History
Modern Central and Eastern Europe History
The Geography of Sport
Constitutional Law and Politics


@madcow19: Nice Van Wilder reference. Haven't seen one in a while.

@studerc: I am glad I don't have your finals...


@segafanalways: Van Wilder reference? I'm thinking more Tommy Boy reference..could be wrong, just saying.


@studerc: Sorry I was mistaken. He has a fallout with his dad when something very similar is said.


Most of mine were last week. I do have chemistry 101 in less than two hours...what the heck am I doing on Woot!?