questionschallenge: laptop - quad core 8gb blu-ray usb 3.0…


I hope not. That would make a decent gaming laptop, which I've been thinking about. Might just snake one from under you if anyone finds it :P


In digging around it looks like I need to drop bluray burner from the listed requirements so dropping that. Does need a DVD burner though those are pretty standard

Except I want it for 500 now


closest thing I can find:

I'm not sure why you would be on this quest. Personally, I would go for quality over performance any day when it comes to a laptop. And if gaming is your goal, just build a desktop. You can build a decent gaming rig for under 500 easily.


@portezbie: Some further color. My wife twice a year does a video for all of the grandparents of all the kids going on. This worked fine on a simple dual core laptop over the years but we had the happy chance to get a full blown DSLR camera last year and ever since then the process has been excruciating to do the editing encoding and burning to DVD because the medium is a lot larger and it's also a lot higher quality.

Anyway I need to replace her laptop as I cashed in the squaretrade warranty I am told a good rule of thumb for video editing is 2GB of Ram for every core . We already have a machine that is quad core that has 12gb of ram and a good graphics card but I don't really care about the graphics that much as the actual graphics card needs are small it’s the raw processing power to handle the encoding.

And in short the wife wants a laptop not a desktop (that coupled with the fact the desktop is my TV server)

Squaretrade rocks by the way I buy it for everything now !


I just bought her a 3TB external to hold all the crap and its usb 3.0 so I want that to speed up the transfers. The better it works the less I have to hear about it. Despite the face when its all said and done she wil end up with something nicer than what I am using :-)


Best I can find so far is 599.99 at costco
Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop, Intel® Core™ i7-3632QM 2.2GHz