questionshey, where did my 3rd quality post come from?


the first rule of Quality Posts Club is...


the second rule of Quality Posts Club is...


I've learned not to question when or why the Quality Post Fairy bestows hers gifts. It's better that way.


If they had the old ability to look at your past posts (maybe it's still there, but I can't find it), you could trace them to the woot where it was designated as such. You could google your username and woot together, and find your posts that way (that's how I find Nightghost posts normally now).

If the question is a serious question: One example of a quality post guide


If I had one I might help with this.....:(


I know where all but one of my Quality Posts came from. That one post bugs me.


I'm really glad you only had 3 Quality posts. This might have been difficult otherwise.

I'll give 100 bucks to the first person to find all my quality posts as quickly as I found @Aphroat's

First One - 12/28/2011

Second One - 8/13/2012

Third One - 10/17/2012