questionsdo you really need to read this post to remember…


Hopefully the weekly chat will be able to keep the upbeat joking conversation going this week with the few "hot button" issues that have been flying around here the last few days. I will try and stop by, tho will probably end up being fashionably late as usual =).


Feel free to speak to ayahuasca/ psaux/ CBD about installing a chat client if you think you're going to keep using IRC and want to use it regularly. Dedicated clients are more customizable and are actually faster and easier to use once you learn a handful of commands.

To talk to someone in particular in the chat, just type their name at the beginning of your message and it will notify them that they're needed.


Thanks for the reminder. Now if I can just get the interface to play nicely with my computer. Maybe give it one more try tonight...


I hope to swing by! I really like how user-friendly getting connected to the chat has become. I'm an IRC noob.


it is chat day, but @no1 is also correct.


@poopfeast420: Thanks David, I actually had a complaint for the first time that we dumbed it down too much for IRC regulars. There are still people that want the information for their standalone clients. so here's the info for you guys who like using clients.

Channel: #deals.woot

This is kind of an escape from woot to just chat so I'd like to keep it fun, but if the chat moves to the direction of 'weighted tags' and hidden deals I probably wont stop it. We'll see how it goes and If things get out of hand/too crazy though I do have the power to mute everyone, so keep that in mind.

Keep it civil, and on Wootchat wednesdays I want to keep it easy for everyone to know who is who so please use your woot names.


But...the Olympics are on! :)


YES! Apparently I did need the post to remind me what day it was; I never remember, week after week! @cowboydann, if it happens to occur to you next week, feel free to poke me! (But if it doesn't happen to occur to you, obviously it's my own responsibility to get myself there.)