questionsdid my "shovel for $5.00" dig its own grave and…


I dont know why that happens sometimes. A few weeks ago I posted a Krispy Kreme deal for a free donut that got over 200 votes and was then deleted. I console myself with the thought that it is in a better place now, perhaps frolicking with your shovel in that place where good deals go to die.


it's just an evil plot of mine.. if a deal gets too many votes, I delete it so your reputation doesn't jump up


The evil rake posted by @gideonfrost smoothed over the digging marks.


Was it this shovel:

If so, it was duplicate, and buried itself. As for @adam113089 's Krispy Kreme, was it active when posted? If not, it was deleted as a pre-deal.


These are not the rakes you are looking for....