questionsdid you know the internet sales tax passed the…


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Already discussed, and the House has said "Yeah right, good luck Charlie".


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I can see it now.. Ebay adds option for sellers to only sell in specific state(s). I know I would.. Only my state


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it won't hurt smaller online stores because companies with less than $1 million in sales are exempted. House is likely to include businesses with 50 or fewer employees to the exemptions as well. The bill also requires that states provide free of charge software for collecting and calculating sales tax before a business can be required to start collecting tax, and it also requires that states provide a single place for the company to remit taxes collected, and the states will then pass on the various shares to cities and counties. It's not as big a sky-is-falling deal as some people make it out to be, and most of the people making the most noise about it aren't even aware of the details.

@devexityspace: your choice to sell only in your state... you're missing out on a huge percentage of would-be customers. Unless you sell more than $1 million on ebay annually, this bill wouldn't even apply to anyway.


As for the original poster saying he doesn't want to pay more taxes "blah blah blah", you're basically admitting to willful cheating on your taxes, since almost every state with a sales tax requires you to keep track of out of state online purchases and remit your payment to the state on your own.

Personally, I don't mind sales tax that much because it's the fairest tax there is... no deductions, credits, etc. the rich and the poor pay it alike. Doesn't get much fairer than that.


@kamikazeken: Do you know how many small businesses clear the $1 million per year mark? It's not profits, it's gross sales.

And that's what I want.. 36+ Different pieces of faulty/low budget coding craptastic software cluttering my computers and having to hire on MORE people (cutting profits for the company even more), to manage that software.


@kamikazeken: No I am not. Like I said above, I don't want to pay taxes on that stuff, not that I don’t. Please don’t put words into my mouth. PS most people don’t accurately count or pay fair use tax


@devexityspace: do you have over 50 employees as well? I understand perfectly that it's $1 million gross. If your sales are over $1mil AND you have over 50 employees, I don't count you as a small business any more. The vast majority of online retailers of that size and scope are already collecting sales tax on some of their sales, so simply increasing the number of transactions on which they must collect tax isn't as much of an increase in their burdens and book-keeping as some would have you believe. Any one who's the least bit realistic has seen this coming for years, we've been lucky to have had the run of tax-free sales that we've had.

For the record, I don't like this legislation any more than the rest of you, but like I said, I'm being realistic about it. My point is there's a chicken-little "sky is falling" mentality going on with many of the posts and discussions, and a lot of people whining that they'll no longer be able to cheat their state on sales taxes.


Either way, in it's current form, it's got almost no chance of passing the house of reps. Lots of crappy legislation passes in one house or the other, but dies after that.