questionsare there any legit/relatively easy ways to makeā€¦


Nope (there are no easy or reliable ways unless you consider couponing making money)


Unfortunately, no. If it were easy everyone would be doing it and then you wouldn't have the opportunity to do it.

You might check Craigslist for your local area, sometimes they have small job type work you can do (on a contract basis, look under gigs).


If you're passionate/knowledgeable about a subject you could try blogging. I have a neighbor who was able to quit his day job and blog full time while caring for his kids. He's doing well enough financially that his wife could also quit but has great insurance so she's still working.

Is it an "easy" or "reliable" source of income? Not necessarily but really...what is?


This is not meant to sound snarky ... but if there were easy/legal/nonscam ways to make money on the Internet, then people would do the jobs themselves or pass along the info to their family/friends rather than post on a public board for the world to see.


I make 1/2 of my income off of several non-scam methods online. I outsource APP development, and resell things. I do some ebaying and amazoning as well. Don't listen to haters, there are more ways to make legitimate money online than anyone can possibly imagine.

Those that are telling you that there isn't are either a) too lazy to do it themselves b) have never actually attempted to do anything, therefore truly have no idea and are just haters -or- c) Do make money online and don't want competition ;)


There are call center jobs you can do online. Most of them you log in when you want to start taking calls. You read the trouble shooting script, you get paid per call. If you stay busy you can make $15 ish an hour, but you do set your own schedule. I had a friend do that when she had a baby to supplement her husbands income. I'll try to find the name of the company she used.


There is ChaCha, it's easy mindless work. The pay stinks right now but when they have contests you can earn more.


Yes, but I told you then I'd have more competition.

Seriously though, is your issue with fluctuating shift schedules or total hours available in a week? And how much do you need to make? Those are the important details to start with.


There are a few places around here for people who want to sell items but are not comfortable with using the computer or knowledgable about uploading the pictures, etc. that do it for a fee. I would imagine that handling the shipping, etc., for them would also add to the price. I don't have any idea how lucrative it is.


Not a job, but an easy way to earn money to buy stuff on Amazon is Mechanical Turk*. I've earned enough to buy a few hard drives and other electronics. It does, however, take a long time to build up your stats to qualify for the bigger rewards.

*That is not a reference link and I'm not receiving any money by linking to that site.


@curtisuxor: How does it work? I started signing up, but they asked for my social security number (for Amazon Payments), is that just for taxes? Will they send me tax forms at the end of the year?


@luvche21: Amazon Payments appears to be like Paypal. However, in this case, the money you make on MTurk will go to that same account.

I actually stopped doing MTurk before they launched Amazon Payments, but I think you can turn what you make there into real money in your bank account now. The only thing I receive from Amazon Payments is a quarterly notice.

Sorry I couldn't be more help with this. I didn't report what I made on their site for taxes. I never really received "money" from them as it just ended up as "goods" eventually sent from Amazon.


@curtisuxor: Thanks for your response! I would almost rather the payment be in goods from Amazon anyway. I can buy almost anything from them!

I checked it out today and it was pretty cool. Some of the HITs pay a decent amount, but you have to dig through a lot of lame $.01 at a time tasks. I'll see if I'll keep it up or not, it could be a cool way to get toys from Amazon.


@luvche21: my wife and I have teamed up and done some of the mturk stuff. We have done several different ones but have found the transcription ones to be the highest paying ones. We have gotten about $20-$30 over the last few days of casually doing stuff while we watch tv, etc.


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