questionschallenge: can you guys help me find a sansa…


I have one I can send you (yeah, a freebie). I sent this out in my "House Cleaning" bags of crap. It's used, but I think you can get some use out of it. And I think the ones I sent to @robbingraves, @hot72chev and @lmensor are still working. I think. They came from this original Woot BOC:

If you are interested, PM me with your address and I will send it out as soon as I can.

Sorry, no fun colors, only black

Edit: you will have to supply your own head phones and maybe a charger.


Awesome! Wow, look at all those sansas! I have my IMetal headphones and probably every kind of charger under the sun. Thanks so much for your generosity. I'll PM you shortly.

Edit: I think I PM'd you (this is only the second time I've tried it). Let me know here if you didn't get it.


@morriea: Hey, that's a great deal! @moondrake, one can never have too many Sansas. If I were you, I'd go ahead and get one of these because I don't have any idea how long mine will last. (I'll still send it to you. At least mine will be good for walking Simba through the sprinklers.)


@morriea: I bought one of these per your recommendation. Looks brand new. Works great. Fast ship. All good. Thanks.
I added a late comment. Maybe we will resurrect your deal. : )


@morriea, @barnabee: Got one. I can use this one with the larger capacity for my screen room where I work on art and have frequent cookouts, and use barnabee's for my daily walks.


@moondrake: I have a PM for you. Do you know how to find it?


@barnabee: Found it. It's like an Easter egg hunt, only the prizes are better! Thanks again for your generosity.


@morriea: cool, just ordered one. Trying to use my phone too big of a hassle. You are a big help, my better half loves her Sansas and her Nooks. This is replacing an old 1 gb unit

And for anyone looking for an mp3 player my top choices are Sansa, Sansa and Sansa. Nobody else comes close especially for $20.


@barnabee: Simba getting a drink at a park sprinkler. They are very forceful, shoot about 100 feet and when he steps into it I (and my sansa) get drenched as well.

Simba: Taste the Rainbow


@moondrake: Ha! Looks like you have no fears of a sprinkler sneaking into your house late at night. Simba would be a good protector.

Just an aside: My cousins had a chihuahua named Simba. I've had to make a major "mind adjustment" when thinking of Simba as being a big, big dog.


@barnabee: LOL. Chihuahuas are very popular here in sight of the border (in fact that's what they are going to name the baseball team they are breaking the City budget to build a stadium for), so I meet lots of people who have them. Since he's the same color as most chihuahuas, there are inevitable comparisons. I tell them that, on average, Simba is the equivalent of 28 chihuahuas (one 140lb Dane divided by average 5lb Chi). I also tell people that Simba is the type of chihuahua they sell at Sam's Club -- economy sized. That always gets a laugh.


@barnabee: Got it Thursday night. Already in use yesterday and today. This one's a lot fancier than the ones I have had in the past. Thanks a million.


@moondrake: Ooh, my new pretties are sparkly and...shiny! Wow, I did not expect this. Love the bracelet. And the bookmark--I have a tendency to lose bookmarks. I will NOT lose this one. Thank you, so much!


@barnabee: I am glad you liked them! I was not sure if you were a "barna-he" or a "barna-she". :)


@moondrake: barna-he or barna-she? I like that! I'm a barna-she. :)