questionshow can i find a good home for my monkeys?


Either sell them on ebay or donate them to @theoneill555 .


pull all the tabs on the monkeys so they are screech enabled. put all monkeys in box. throw box into co-worker's cube. witness the hilarity commence.


@carl669: DO NOT DO THAT IF YOU WORK AT tsa....

...or any airport.

All told.



tsa: what's in the box?
me: box of monkeys.
tsa: are they alive?
me: (throws box) screeeeeech apparently so.
tsa: why would you do that?
me: i live an isolated life.
tsa: have you ever heard of a cavity search?
me: but i just went to the dentist.
tsa: what's wrong with you?
me: i ate paint chips as a child.
tsa: move along sir.


1.> Get equipment for stop motion video
2.> Build tiny gladiatorial arena set
3.> Fight monkeys to the death in stop motion
4.> Overlay theme from 'Amok Time' (
5.> Post to youtube, be internet famous


Some thoughts:

Does the gf understand just how valuable these older Woot monkeys really are? Collectible! Not replaceable! They should be kept in a place of honor.

If that doesn't fly, then go sell them on Ebay. Plenty of listings, and you will get a few bucks for them.

If you don't want to do that, maybe they have some openings for interns at the Woot office. I think that Mortimer and Monte could use some help.


Everybody's got something to hide, except for me and my monkey.


@jsimsace: Thanks for thinking of me!

My 300+ woot monkeys just got some new companions earlier this month during the first December woot-off and they could always use more friends.

@mrmucox: If you are looking to find your monkeys a new home, send me a PM and don't do anything rash - like purchasing a new CRKT


Hide them around the houses. You'll forget they are there after a while, and at some point you'll get a chuckle when you happen upon one.

Happened to me today. I once put one in one of my closets under some things. Today, I happened on it and had a smile when I saw it.. then I flung it at the cat, and I think the dog smiled.


< I once put one in one of my closets >
I mis-read this as, I once put one in one of my corsets.
Ouite a different picture, I must say. Ocheri posts must be getting in my head. :-)


There's always room for a few monkeys! We have a formal dining room, with a nice set (it matches, like grown up and stuff!) a great rug, art on the walls... and a giant monkey who arrived derby sounding and cape-free, hanging from the light fixture chain. He ties the room together.
Upstairs we have one hugging the empire state building and statue of liberty replicas.

There is ALWAYS room for a few monkeys.



I need more monkeys, feel free to send any of the little buggers my way! I even gave one to my dads girlfriends great-nephew (that's a mouthful!) because he liked the one my dad had...and my dad refused to let him use his! I gave him a glow in the dark one...big hit!



How do I get monkey's to start with?? You can send them my way, I have a 14 month old that would love to take care of them. :-D


If they hang outside IKEA they will find them a good home.


I, too, would gladly give them a new home with my too-small flock. Haven't you told your fiancée that a house isn't a home without a few flying monkeys?

cf cf

@theoneill555: OH NOES!!

I can't believe you posted that awful video again. Woot Monkey vivesection!!! For sport!! That video cause a huge protest: the entire student body of Simian State walked out of classes for two weeks!! @snapster (he was boss then) nearly had his house burned down. Bringing it up again just causes more trouble. Mortimer and Monte would call for another monkey strike at HQ. Or they would if they were around. I have a feeling that Mortimer hasn't been seen since the Woot holiday party a few weeks ago, and Monte is too busy trying to keep things under control when everybody else is gone.


I have about 100 Monkeys that I also need to find a home for. I have too much money invested to just give them away, but they are constantly fighting with my Beanie Baby bears, so they have to go. I wish Woot had a Trading Post forum, where we could buy and sell stuff to each other.


@bigreddogatl: Well, there is a thread somewhere in the shirt forum that is long buried for trade anything, but now people are using the Random Shirt Trade thread to trade woot stuff other than shirts. I'd go there if I were you, you might have some luck. Or just post a new forum topic in Woot or Shirt.Woot.


@bigreddogatl: ahem, the Monkey Trading Thread over on the forums is just what you're looking for!

And you've checked in on the triangle club pm thread, yes?

This has been a public service announcement. Brought to you by the letter, 7.


I had several hundred beanie babies that I donated to a mission trip a couple of years ago. They all went to very appreciative little peoples in Guatemala. I've also donated other stuffed items to the local library and to the local schools. I don't know if that will help you but it's an idea.


@bigreddogatl: Ohhhh...that's a lot of monkeys! I'd offer to buy them all, but probably couldn't afford it, but I wonder if you have some monkeys I need... drools

I need to expand my monkey collection...big time!

Hey, look! There's a flying monkey!


Must. Resist. Do. Not. Reply. ;)


Wow, this was more popular than I expected. And of course, I've been so busy since I posted this that I'm just responding now. I'd love to keep them, but I just don't have the space for them.

@theoneill555, If you want them, they are yours, I know you have a loving monkey hoard. Whoa, that's sounds odd.


@mrmucox: I have just returned from my travels and the little guys were waiting for me. Thanks!