questionsany the walking dead lovers excited for theā€¦


All set here. Wife is already groaning cause she says it's 'boring', but I think that's just because she's already infected.


me! Making burgers and watching the walking dead.


Can't wait!!! I love this show!


I really liked the first season. Then it went kind of downhill. Season 2 is just another regular TV drama show. Guy with marital problems, wife who cheated, jealous lover, and a sick kid. Oh yeah, throw in a few zombies every half-hour or so.
They should have stayed closer to the comic book, and tried less hard to win over a broad audience. Shame really.


@atd15: The first season was awesome!

Hopefully tonight's episode will be a changing point for the second season. I'm not much into soap operas, and that's all this season has been so far.


I love it. I'm excited it's back on and love that it's not just a zombie show, nor is it just a drama. It's great overall, even with the slow plot building points. If it were just excitement and zombies every 5 seconds it would get old too fast. At least with the character development, you have a reason to check back in every week.