questionsdid you hear that b&n changed their mind to stay…


I went into the B&N near me over the weekend. No DVD or Blu-Ray section at all. About 20% of the entire floor space was a huge open demo area in the center of the store for the Nook.

I understand making the tablets a big part of their business, but there's no reason to waste THAT much floor space and get rid of actual merchandise.

I really only ever went to Borders, and they're gone. Books A Million took over the local Borders space, and that's not great. Better than going to B&N but still not cheap.


@moondrake: Wow, that's CHEAP. I rarely buy paper books without browsing them in person, though. My Kindle gets almost use even with as few physical books as I buy.

I really want books for my Kindle Paperwhite - it's my preferred reading format. But as long as it's more expensive there's just no point.


@omnichad: I like to read series. So I go to and rate books I have enjoyed, and that site gives me recommendations based on those likes. Then I go and read the virtual dustjackets of the ones that look interesting on Goodreads. If they still seem interesting I go to Abebooks and buy the first in the series. I try to buy four or five firsts at a time. If I enjoy the first, I go back to Abebooks and buy the whole series, and generally everything by that author. I am usually buying up the whole catalog for three or four authors at a time. That keeps me in books for a while, I only have to repeat that maybe once a year to get stocked up. I read stand-alone books by authors I know and like, but very rarely try a stand-alone book by an unfamiliar author. Once I get to know and like characters and a setting, I want to be able to spend more time with them than the few hours it takes to read a stand-alone book.


@moondrake: A few hours to read a standalone book? I get maybe 30 minutes a day and it takes me two months to get through one book. Unless it's Harry Potter. Can't stand reading faster for stories - only technical stuff.


@omnichad: I spent most of my life being an avid reader. I read on two 15 minute breaks on my four work days and I can usually scrape up an hour or so on two of my three weekend mornings to sit under my tree and read (bliss), giving me 3-4 hours a week to read. I usually read about a book a week. On cruises I generally finish a book every two days, as I spend most of the time at sea with my chair pulled up to the deck railing, my feet dangling over the water, enjoying the fresh sea air and a book.


My paperwhite has had serious QC problems... but i bought it anyways because there was no alternative to a backlit reader that was any better. b&n's offering was terribly slow, and the other competitors had too much of a blue tint.

If B&N were still matching the kindle model for model, i would have bought one, as i loved my original nook.


A more flexible OS would make all the difference. I have a Nook tablet in front of me that my mother hated because it was nothing more than a $250 e-reader. I run Android 4.1 on it and use it like any other tablet. If there is a B&N app I don't understand why they feel the need to waste great hardware on a half-baked, locked-down OS.