questionswere you relieved to hear that the nyc marathon…


It would appear that the cancellation is more of a postponement than a total cancellation.


Yeah, that was definitely the right thing to do. It just wasn't appropriate at this time.


Absolutely. It's the right call, though it should have been the original answer.


The amount of resources it requires would be too much on the already tapped out first was a good call.


Heck yes. The marathon brings in people from out of town, who will strain local resources that should be going to the residents who need them.

It's kind of a no-brainer, really.


I just thought of something. That cancellation was pretty late. How many of the participants had already made it to New York?


Probably the right thing to do, but it should have been cancelled earlier. There are more than a few runners, especially those from overseas, that are already in town.


Yes, the right thing to do. Shouldn't have waited for so much pressure though, and handled it as a human to begin with.


The angry comments from runners on the marathon's Facebook page are hilariously pathetic:


@llamabox: The runners, in some cases, have pretty good reason for their feelings, though; just yesterday NYC "confirmed" that the race was still on. So many people did fly from different places, even different countries/continents assuming that the race was on. Now, it's not, and they're in a disaster zone for no reason, having spent who knows how much to get there.


@ki4rxm: I agree with that. It's not the fault of the runners at all. Heck, the Mayor was defending the race even earlier today.


I can't believe that it wasn't postponed earlier. Seems like a poor reaction by the upper brass to wait this long, although I shouldn't judge because I'm not there. Still.......


I'm actually disappointed. I really thought that this would be the year that Flipper would win.


After reading Bloomberg's comments, I was surprised to read about the cancellation on Facebook from a friend who travelled to NYC to participate. Really last minute. Better for city, but not a good PR move to wait so long to call it.


I was happy that some runners that were interviewed, said, "well, while we're here, we might as well help out and volunteer for clean-up and rescue."