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How sad! It's a scary situation to come near a wounded animal of any kind and this poor guy had his friends guarding him. The best thing you can do is call animal control and let the professionals handle it.


In that situation, calling animal control or the local PD is the best bet. Poor puppy.


I would've stopped and called the police/animal welfare. If the dogs appeared to be friendly and approachable I would've tried but if they were agitated I would've stayed in my car or at a distance.

I've got a very soft spot for lost animals. One of our two dogs, my husband found wandering around a park near his office, dehydrated, malnourished, matted, dirty, teeth missing, nails grown out so long they were curling back in. It was 95 degrees that day. With some coaxing he drank the water my husband took to him. We took him to our vet to have him checked for a micro chip as he had no tags. (He didn't have a chip either.) He needed all of his shots, to be neutered and had other health issues. If we did nothing and left him out there he'd have died for certain in the heat.

But after 5 months he's recovered nicely. The vet who saw him the night we brought him in still marvels at his recovery.

He's a wonderful appreciative dog. He's been as much a gift to us as we've been to him.


What I have done, the one time I've been in this situation, is run the animal to the nearest vet.


We stopped behind a car of teenagers in the middle of the road one night; they'd just hit a cat that ran into their path and were horrified and upset. The cat was alive, but pretty clearly mortally injured. Spouse and I happened to have a usable cardboard box, so we put the cat into and rushed to the late-night emergency room. The vet agreed the best thing was to put the kitty down and told us that she never charged "Good Samaritans" who were doing their best to help injured animals.

If an animal is injured but alive, we'd stop and either call the appropriate authority or handle the matter ourselves.


You did the right thing. Most animals will try to protect themselves even if you're trying to help. Unless you know what you're doing you could have wound up as a victim also. Calling for help in most cases is the right thing to do. Not doing anything is the wrong anwer and could leave you feeling guilty all day.


Downvote me if you must but sometimes you have to make the command decision and end the suffering of an injured animal. I've never done it for an animal I didn't "know" but I can't rule out the possibility that I might have to.


The one time I was unfortunate enough to see an animal hit and injured I actually witnessed someone swerve their car to hit a cat on the street. The cat was by the side of the road, and the person swerved to hit it. Sadly by time I got there to assist it (and take it to a vet if necessary), it was in the spasms of death. It died in front of me. I cried for days for a cat that wasn't mine!

However, if I saw one injured, and it seemed like it wouldn't fight back (I'd fear it trying to hurt me out of fear, or hurting itself more by being stressed out) I would pick it up and take it to a vet. If it seemed too stressed, I would call someone that could take care of it or 'rescue' it without further stressing the animal (or minimizing it's stress), but I would stay parked as close as I could until they arrived!


@baybei: I think I would have cried all day about someone killing a cat on purpose too! Why are people so evil sometimes??