questionsare marley headphones worth the price?


Does she want buds, supraaural (on ear) or circumaural (over ear) cans? Wired/Wireless? Does she care more about portability, sound quality or comfort?

I've repeatedly purchased Sennheiser and have never been disappointed. They are simply the pinnacle of sound to me. It's on the expensive side, so I know you may want to avoid the nice ones because of your budget constraints. I've never heard of Marleys before and they could be good quality, but I just don't know.

I was wondering how old your daughter is to see if she would be interested in entering halfsies for a very nice pair of top of the line cans.

Just a few that I hunted down in the price range:

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You could always go back to the store and sample some of the headphones the sales rep recommends. You might find something that sounds great, cost-efficient and has few reviews online. I would never buy something simply on the recommendation of someone trying to sell me anything.

I'm not sure if Radioshack has sample headphones to use, but I know the Best Buy around me does this. Maybe check the closest one and see if you can test them out.

Another reason I keep buying Sennheiser is that they have a very lengthy warranty on almost all their products. It's been unnecessary as none of the products I have purchased from them has ever broken on me in the past 8 years, but it's just great peace of mind.


@curtisuxor: She wants over ear or on ear. Earbuds are a no-no. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look those up.

I'm not really interested in top quality. She's only 14. Plus she listens to One Direction. The best headphones in the world wouldn't make them sound good.


@purplefeather: Sounds like you should just go with some fashion 'phones. Unfortunately, at 14, she'll probably be very upset if they're anything other than "beats," given the extensive marketing and branding campaigns they have. Skullcandy might be another option for cute-looking, but more reasonably priced.

Also, I'd suggest avoiding RadioShack.


@purplefeather: Made me laugh.

Anyway, since I was never able to get in the mind of a 14 year old girl (or any female, really), I don't know whether she's really more interested in what @psaux said or audio quality.

Sennheiser (as you can tell just from the name of the company) makes products for grown-ups. So unless she's an audiophile, she might just want something that looks fashionable.

I think I have a good idea though, tell her you are shopping for someone (her mother, perhaps?) and go to Best Buy/Fry's/etc. It depends on whether or not she knows that you know she wants headphones for Christmas. Just browse around and tell her to check out the headphones. See what she goes for and if she uses any of the demo phones and make your decision from there.

If she knows you know that she knows (sorry) what you are getting her, consider showing her pictures of some of them, but not the price and let her pick. Don't forget about shipping delays at this time if you order online.


I bought a pair of Marley headphones for $10 during a sale a few months ago, and they've been the best $10 headphones I've ever owned. If I'd paid $80 for them, I probably wouldn't be as happy.

I see some Sennheisers are currently on sale at a place I probably can reference but am not totally sure if I'm allowed to (rhymes with ram-a-bon) and I find that brand superior overall. I own both, and I can tell you for sure that if you're gonna drop about $100 bucks, the Sennheisers would be better than the Marleys.

But I agree with posters above, if she's 14, she might just want to brag about looking cool and having a name her friends know, and that might be the gift she REALLY wants.

EDIT: The Marley's actually are pretty okay headphones, so I'm sure she'd be happy with them. It's just about what you want for your buck.


I took your guys' advice to heart and did some sneaky undercover questioning to see exactly what she wanted. Turns out that indeed it is the look that she's more interested in, not the sound.

I went with these based on price/reviews/appearance. If they're crap, oh well. Not like I paid much for them, right?


@purplefeather: Hope she likes them! They definitely look sharp and stand out.

Hopefully you won't have to go through the returns process, even though it's so easy with Amazon.