questionswhen someone needs to change lanes at the last…


nope. If ANYONE has to speed up or slow down because of a lane change or turn that you are making, you are doing it wrong. I usually try to make sure i get into the correct lane in plenty of time, and then some asshat tries to get in front of me at the last second? screw them. Go down a block and turn around, that the safe alternative.


with the thought that i would rather get there a minute or two later than fill out hours of paperwork to get my car repaired, or that one never knows when the other driver is better armed, i try to cut people a lot of slack because i've been in the situation myself of "oh no! i gotta get over?" when you are in an area you don't know it's nerve wracking. that being said however if the road has been marked construction for five miles, x lane closed in 1 mile, when individual tries to cut in at the last minute because "all those fools waiting in that lane" no i won't let them in and get mad at anyone that does (i usually try blocking the second lane too)


Seeing as today, I was the guy in the strange city who had to change lanes at the last minute, I'm going to say yes, I'll let them in. I need to up my "car"-ma after accidentally cutting someone off.

But only if they're not racing up in an ending lane or something similar. Those people suck.


if they have out of state tags, sure. If local, no way. If you can't drive, get a GPS with turn by turn and lane assist. I drive a big old lincoln, people think twice before they cut me off.


@sadsephiroth: here you can tell a state, but not a county by looking at plates. but what about those people like me that drive several hours away to buy a car? my plates were "local" but not for where i lived (bought while visiting family).
personnally i look out for the drivers with the caved in fenders--whether they are old or new. i don't think their driving skills are good enough that i want to be near them.


I usually do let them in, if I can do so safely. I know what it feels like to find yourself in the wrong lane; hopefully, someone will be kind enough to let me in. I'd like to do the same for others.


Everywhere in my city has ending lanes clearly marked well ahead of time and generally you should know if you need to turn right or left ahead so... no, I try not to let people edge in at the last second if I can help it.
ESPECIALLY not when there are two-lane turn sections. All-too-often jackasses will be in the inner turn lane and try to turn directly into the wrong lane.


it depends. if they're being a tool about it, then no.


Generally, I will let them in. I may curse at them for doing it, but in the long run it is not worth an accident just to not be cut off.


Typically I try to be a courteous person, even while driving. I like it when people do kind things, makes the world nice. Having said that, when it's someone just trying to race to the front of the line and cut ahead of everyone else, my car might just be in his way to merge.

It is strange how driving can make normally sane people go strait to crazy rage over minor issues.


If the driver hasnt been driving like a moron, yes. If they have been driving like an idiot, I will go out of my way to keep them from being able to change lanes where they would like to. A little cruel? Undoubtedly so, but if having a crazy long commute the past couple years has taught me anything, it is the morons cause accidents and stress everyone else out, and they need to be punished. Oh, and it amuses me.

If they are trying to merge from an area where to road goes from two lanes to one, and it has been clearly marked. No way. NEVER! I dont care if I have to put my pedal to the floor, it is not happening.


For the most part I'll let people in, however every day on my ride home from work I drive through hell itself and the deepest part of hell involves two left turn lanes, a straight lane, and two right turn lanes. I'm always in the straight lane, and everyday there's a line of jerks that fly down the first left turn lane and try to cut across to the right turn lanes. I make a game out of trying to force them into taking the left.


If I see them speeding along and only merging when physically forced, no. I'll do my best to block their asses out. Same for someone that's weaving through traffic. On the other hand, if they've been in the same lane a while or look like they're just trying to get over, I try to let them through.


I pretty much let 'em in. If they're in front of me, I can keep an eye on 'em. If they're behind me I can't. Stupid things in front of me I can usually avoid.

But then I don't figure the rank and file can distinguish organic fertilizer from shoe polish 7 days out of eight. If I let some nitwit hit me then I am the one who screwed up.

I don't figure most people I see driving erratically are bad people - bad DRIVERS, unquestionably, but bad people no. I just figure they fall into the "too stupid to live; illegal to hunt" category and go on about the business of staying alive in a world full of semi-conscious nincompoops.


I'll let one person over, most of the time. I live in a big tourist area, so most of the time people are just very confused. Honestly a lot of the time I feel like if I don't let some idiot continue with his horrible driving I'm the one that's going to be killed.

But only one person gets to go. If there are three of you waiting to make an insane left turn into rush hour traffic, I'm sorry, two of you get to wait for some other poor sap to let you in.


If I see someone giving a signal and needing to move over, I'll let them in if I can. It ticks me off when there is a lane closure with a huge flashing arrow sign that says lane closed 1 mile ahead yet, people ignore it. They'll ride that lane to the barricade and cut somebody off. If they would move their arse over 1 mile back like everyone else, the traffic would flow better. Some people seem to have a superiority complex when it comes to driving.


The "oops, I'm sorry!" and "thank you!" wave is of the utmost importance.

But speeding past everyone to get to the end of the lane and forcing your way in is never good.

Honest mistakes happen. No need to get stressed over one spot in traffic!


Did they use their turn signal?

Do they really need to get in that lane?

Did they just drive down the turn lane past 30 cars to cut everyone off at the front of the line?

Always depends.


@wildridge: Straddle the lanes. It can work.


@wildridge: Turns out that waiting until the last minute is the safest and most efficient way to merge. Google "zipper merge".

From Minnesota DOT:

"Zipper merging, however, benefits individual drivers as well as the public at large. Research shows that these dangers decrease when motorists use both lanes until reaching the defined merge area and then alternate in “zipper” fashion into the open lane."


I too live in a tourist area - and people from all over the world, not just the US. Combine that with an enormous amount of elderly drivers and it can be the perfect storm. I try my best to avoid anything that can cause or be involved with an accident. Not only does it take up an enormous amount of time, energy and paperwork, as has been mentioned above, but the inconvenience of a car in the shop - and worse yet, me in the hospital or handicapped for awhile - enough to keep me driving on the safe side - nope, I didn't mean slow - but safe as I can be.


The town I live in has about a dozen major roads that merge immediately after a light. A lot of people will abuse these in an attempt to get to 'the front of the line'. If that's the case, effum.

However, if it's a truck or someone that was using the lane as it was intended, I'll wave them in.


A couple months ago, there was some idiot kid in a Honda, with a giant fart cannon muffler on it and a picnic table looking wing on the trunk lid and the kid was driving like a doosh. He was tailgating and weaving in and out of traffic with barely a car length worth of clearance. He came up on the right side at the stoplight, ignoring the "Through traffic merge right" sign and decided that he was going to us the light as a chance to show off the performance of his car.

There was a pack of about 5 or 6 cars that I was in the middle of that had had enough of his crap, so when the light turned green, we all took the opportunity to drag race him, without letting more than about 1/4 car length between each of us.

He refused to give way and merge in the manner that Cali law states he had to, which would have been really easy. Instead, he continued to try to "win the race" until he had to slam on his brakes to prevent from eating guard rail.


Down vote if you must, but people will generally treat you how you act. Act respectable, people treat you with respect. Act like a dirtbag, get treated like a dirtbag.


@houndlax: Would that be anything like the, "I'm sorry" wave - Done when committing a faux pas while driving to accept blame -- you raise the hand, lower the head as if to say - "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. The buttons are really big on the car. I don't understand it. I haven't read the manual"


For the most part I do, there are some instances that I won't though. Just depends on the situation.


It's definately the same!
And I hate to admit it, but I've had to give that wave once or twice...