questionswhat mod has the most patience?


All of them.

That's a job it takes a special kind of masochist to do. And we're glad to have them, regardless of our occasional grousing.


I have a new found respect for @inkycatz with that whole Chick-fil-a thing a few days ago...

I agree. They are all pretty patient with our shenanigans.


@dergage: But our shenanigans are cheeky and fun!


I mostly lurk occasionally and enjoy the cheeky fun of which @gideonfrost speaks immensely. There are days, when I think "I want me some of whatever they are piping through the ventilation to the mods cubicals, 'cause it's got to be good stuff!", andt hen there are the days when I think "There are not enought psychotropic pharmaceuticals in the world that could keep me sane doing that job!"

We are not worthy.


Most patience? Ponder. ...Maybe JumboGatzInkyThighs? Or not. Hard to say; hard job. And patience, IMO, is not always a virtue. Possible suicidal move to name just one, eh? :-\

Quietly sets table back on legs, pats Gatzby on the head & hands him a bottle of wine (to take home, of course). ;-)


┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)


I do not envy the mods their job.

I can only imagine the amounts of patience it must take to put up with what some of us put out! I used to work in retail, and to think, I'd get aggravated at some of the stuff customers would say/do. These poor mods are dealing with a lot more people than I ever have!

Gratz to all of you for keeping your cool.

Forget the wine, if I'm ever in their neck of the woods, I'm taking them all out to the bar for a couple rounds on me! I'll even make sure they get home safe and sound (I'll call a taxi for everyone of them.)


1) To be quite frank.. I'm not even sure how many mods are out here. Can I get a headcount please?

2) I do agree with @okham is correct, all of them has the patience.

3) But I'd say @thunderthighs is most notable here, in my opinion.

4) I do know there are some mods out there who does all the editing/moderating like a ninja.


Howdy folks. This is a very nice thread to read. We all appreciate your kind words. =D

I think you're mostly talking here about the community moderators. We're the ones that monitor the threads and comments. The community mods are: @inkycatz, @pemberducky, @rogetray, me and the boss man, @gatzby.

There's a whole other team of Deals moderators that look after your deals as well as hunting up some of their own.

Again, thanks for the blushes.


Oh, and as for patience, I'm just always glad there's not a web cam or mic on me. I talk a lot to you guys. =P


@thunderthighs: LOL @ the no web cab/mic comment. ;-) Know what you mean there. What I yell at some comments/people is not always kind.

BTW: Is @rogetray the strong, silent type? Don't recall seeing him/her around. Sometimes the strong, silent type is stealthy. Quiet & deadly. Or maybe they're wealthy & just doing the job for laughs. But...wait! Maybe they're healthy and keeping their blood pressure down.


@thunderthighs: Oh, no web cam or mic? That's a shame, hate to see what you'd say about me. Though, I try to behave and not cause too much trouble anyway. I just remember how much I hated the crap when working in retail, and try to behave, even when I'm not happy! But, I'm sure I can be obnoxious at times....

And, to all the mods, you are welcome, you are deserving of praise and thanks for everything you do! It's not an easy job, I'm sure, and sometimes people aren't always thankful for what you do. Again...going to my retail days, you always hear about the complaints, never the good stuff. So keep up the good work! I, for one appreciate it!


Two thumbs up to all of the mods here. Way to go guys and gals!


@Rogetray is a community mod? I thought he just posts clever images/vids for sardonic effect.
Sneaky little Rogetrays! Wicked, tricksy, false!

j5 j5

@gmwhit: stong AND silent. LOL. No, I moderate the sites and occasionally contribute conversations and discussions. I also mostly Spotlight during the day and catch the clever, clever quips your guys come up with :)

@j5: YES!! lol...I like the term "sardonic". I try to bring levity to discussions that get TOO serious and I enjoy making people laugh. I'm probably NOT as involved in the communities as much as the rest of the team, but I've been known to have my fair share of dealing with cranky users, confounding questions and irritable consumers. I'm also taking strides to contribute and connect with each community more and more.

Thank you all for your kind words and praise. We do our best to help and encourage your guys to have fun in the forums and talk about what's on your mind (except you Adder). The community discussions and camaraderie found among members is very important to us Mods, and we will always do our best making sure you're heard and helped everyday. :D


@rogetray: Be still my heart!. ::deep sigh:: Strong & silent. Often a delightful combo. Thanks so much for breaking the silence. :-D


i get paid to make stupid jokes and occasionally administer discipline.

it's a pretty sweet gig.

patience comes easy when you think of it that way.


@dergage: Thanks!

Also this is a really sweet thread and stuff.


There are some of us that don't even get paid to do it... we do it for..... wait for it....... Fun!


i'd say gatzby. all the mods have to deal with our rage, but gatz also has to deal with all the modrages!

no1 no1

@no1: You are smart man, sir no1. @gatzby does indeed have to deal with our ragequits. LOL