questionsdid watching the democratic convention changeā€¦


The DNC is only one-third over and the heavy hitters have yet to speak. Ask again when it's over.


i watched it and i was voting for Obama. but then i saw a friend's facebook post and now i'm voting for Romney. but then i saw a really cool graphic that didn't point to any credible sources and now i'm voting for Obama. but then i saw a bumper sticker on the way to work so now i'm voting for Romney.

but then i got hungry, so now i'm voting for biscuits and gravy.


No. The only person speaking at the convention that matters is Obama, and I haven't liked anything he's said yet.


Heavy hitters?

Nancy Pelosi
Sandra Fluke (only famous for her movement to demand her religous university to pay for her birth control)
Jimmy Carter over video (lol)
Tammy Baldwin (is obviously going to lose her race for the Senate seat)
John Kerry (reporting for duty?)

They don't get any better from there. Looks like a pretty weak lineup to me, guy. The only one even capable of scoring a base hit would be Bill Clinton. But even if he hits a homer, there'd be no one else on base to make much of a hoot at all. I think you'll find the rest of it pretty unimpressive.


@carl669: I would like to second biscuits and gravy please.


@carl669: biscuits and gravy? Really?

Do you understand that biscuits has said on multiple unattributed times that all babies deserve to be killed in order to save the animals? Or that gravy has consistently voted for extra funding for nuclear plants in MY backyard? Or that the party platform not only doesn't mention God, but ALSO declares that both Jerusalem AND MOSCOW are the capitals of Israel?!?!?!?

Only sheeple that refuse to really understand the issues would vote for that ticket! They obviously don't care for the future and only look for their own SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT!!!!!



@figgers3036: waffles and syrup? get real! what about waffle's constant flip flopping on the blueberry or chocolate chip issue? and who the hell does waffle think it is trying to pander to the fowl base by draping fried chicken all over itself?? and syrup! don't even get me started on syrup!

biscuits and gravy - if you want a strong american breakfast
waffles and syrup - if you hate puppies and like running over kittens


@carl669: Look at all those lies the conservo-lib media is feeding you.

Flip flopping is just a sign of well thought out positions! The idea in the end is that both are delicious! And what's wrong with fried chicken, are you saying that the fowl base is somehow unamerican? Next you'll be wanting to stick all birds in internment camps to really root out any elements biscuits & gravy's partisan base disagrees with. I'm sure the cow lobby just loves you.



@elforman:Thanks for your comment. When I posted this same question for the RNC it was after the conference. For the DNC I am hoping to get a DBYD or blow by blow story line by Wooters. The way one feels after day 1 may change, change again and I wanted to open an opportunity to give that daily rendition and exchange. This election is the most important that I can remember so I wanted to know what others are thinking, seeing and feeling. Best, Dr. J


@figgers3036: we could on like this forever. let's just meet in the middle and go with:



@carl669: Smart! I have always found that common ground is often the best answer.


ya'll are pretty wonderful!


I can do fish and chips, but I prefer biscuits and gravy.


maybe fish biscuits with a side of gravy are in order.

the only speaker that matters is Obama. I want to hear him address the economy first, the economy second and the economy third and then I'd like to hear more about how he's going to FIX IT if given another 4 years since it still ain't running.

I don't want lofty platitudes and programs. We don't have money for new programs.
Women's Rights are red herring to distract fro the ECONOMY.

Listening to Pelosi now and you would think it's 1910 and Women's suffrage is pushing for the right to vote. It's bizarre.

Did I forget to say this election is about the ECONOMY!


@hessem: Thank you!! I would really like to get back to the 'election' issues put forth and discussed at the convention & how we are better off after the last four years and will continue to improve over the next four; if any, besides being a wonderful Mother.


if you are better off now than you were 4 years ago and think things are improving you are one of the lucky minority. if Obama's been great for you i suppose you should vote again for him. for many his presidency started with a promise and is ending with a thud.

I'm not sure what you are referencing regarding being a wonderful mother?


PIZZA 2012!!! 3rd party FTW.


@drj48: I doubt that the convention will change the minds of many. The two pairings are pretty entrenched and people have a pretty good idea what they each represent. I suspect the majority of "independent" or "undecided" voters have made up their minds by now too.

The debates might change a few peoples' minds, but I think the big challenge from this point forward is which party can get more people to the polls on November 6. One side in particular will be fighting a big problem with voter apathy. If they can overcome that, they'll win easily.


@lparsons42: I see the situation very much as you do. When I posted the question, I wanted to find out if there were others out there [beyond some of my friends who I can safely converse about politics!!] who have the same perspective.
Just one question for you. When you refer to voter apathy what aspect(s) of voter behavior are you identifying? And which party is 'that' party?


@hessem: OK, now Obama spoke. Did you hear anything that was specific to the issues that are important for you? Also, do you think, or any other Wooters, that Clinton set-up Obama? By saying, from my memory so not a quote, that NO President could have fixed the economy in four years; which was a vivid contrast to Obama's promise to fix the economy in three years or he is a one term proposition.


I watched Clinton, Biden and Obama. Clinton gave the most riveting speech. Obama and Bidens were pretty much the usual canned political speech.
I waited for the fact checkers to get done with all of them. They all really fudged their facts. There were not 4.5 million jobs created. They cherry picked that number.
It's so sad that non of them can give it to the public straight. I want to be able to believe what I'm hearing but can't any more. Politicians lie.
Unless something shocking happens one way or the other I will vote against the current administration because the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different outcome. 4 more years of the same as the past four years isn't going to change where we are at.
I've had family members lose jobs in the past 4 years and see their hoses underwater with no improvement on the horizon. Real change is needed at this point.