questionsis anyone else tired of all these debates?


I agree completely. Tired of political posturing in debates and sound bites. I just saw this morning that there is a state of the union address tonight and I groaned.


It seems like the Republican candidates are having a debate every night. They're giving the other side plenty of ammunition to go on the attack with once one of the rich, out of touch, old white guys wins the GOP nomination and has to face the rich, out of touch (slightly less) old President.


I was already sick of the 2012 election in early 2011.


Time to turn off the television...


Without the debates, Rick Perry might have actually had a shot at the Presidency.

For that, I for one welcome our debate moderator overlords.


The problem seems to be that they can't come up with anyone to unseat Mitt Romney and they really don't want Mitt Romney. So they keep trying to find someone they like better. But there's an interesting conflict in selecting political leaders these days. You have to be rich and powerful to run. But power and money corrupt, so it's likely that anyone rich enough to run is on some level corrupt, whether it is financially, legally or morally. In the old days political candidates could slide that stuff by. But with instant news and intense public scrutiny, the candidates dark secrets are dragged out into the light for everyone to analyze and justify or scorn. It's particularly tough for a party that lays claim to "family values" and "moral superiority", because it's almost impossible for them to find a rich, powerful person who can live up to those ideals.


I don't watch any debates. When Chuck Norris runs for president, that will change. So will everything else.


I wish our debates resulted in fist fights between candidates like they do in developing nations. Not assassinations, mind you. Just fist fights. I want a street fighter as president.


No, I think they are useful in determining which candidate to vote for. And it helps the candidates keep each other in check because they have an opportunity to call each other out.


Yes, I also wish Santorum would fall down a well.


I think political campaigns should be run like beauty contests. Let them do the runway strut, the gown/tuxedo thing, the mandatory swimsuit competition, talent contest, and silly answers to stupid questions sessions. This would give us as much insight into the character of the candidates and their ability to run the country as the current system, and would be much more entertaining.


There's no Primary in my state, so I'm completely ignoring the whole situation until I have a chance to vote. Since that's in November, I'll start paying attention in late summer.


@adadavis: They already have the silly answers to stupid questions sessions, they call it a debate.
I'd rather not have Obama again, but those GOP candidates don't look any better.
Where is that voting option - "NONE OF THEM"?


Instead of debates, lets pit them in Hunger Games.


I'm beginning to think there are very few of us who are both Woot! nuts AND political junkies. Be that as it may, though, I've found some of the debates absolutely riveting. Granted, I don't get out much, but I'd rather watch a debate than sit through a three-day Woot-off waiting for a Bunch of Candles.


Watched my 1st debate last night. Probably the last one, too. Was hoping to get the candidate's views on the issues facing the country. Ron Paul came closest to describing what he felt was wrong & at least 1 solution....reduce the size of the government.

Romney: When asked to define why he is a "Conservative" - his first response was (paraphrasing) "... Married for blah, blah years, have blah, blah sons. What the ???? That defines a conservative? Well, of course not... it was a not-so-subtle attack on Gingrich. Oh, please!

Tuned out now until much later this year. An aside: I am extremely grateful that Palin didn't enter the race.