questionswhy does woot have such an affinity for hp…


They get a really good deal on them.


@chris12345: Pretty much what I was going to say; there is a lot of HP everything available. After all, they are the top (by volume) PC maker in the world today. They probably pick up huge overstock / off-lease deals on HP stuff on a regular basis.


I think we just have an affinity for bargains.


It's probably because of HP's award-winning customer service.


HP has an affinity for woot.

How many desktops offered on the family of sites are HP vs. any other brand? It's not even close. The only other laptops I remember seeing besides HP were a couple of refurb macbooks.


HP Matches their bag of crap.
Bad junk with good customer service.


I bought the top HP desktop 3 years ago, believing a well known brand would be very good. It had bells and whistles. My experience with this HP has been crash, core dumps, blue screens in the middle of about 1 session per day. I figured it was my dumb luck getting a funky one with an undefined glitch. Later I learned that HP had replaced numerous motherboards on this model desktop with same problem without admitting defects. Tech person at big box store where bought said that the motherboards used as replacements were from the same lot manufactured for the desktops that had problem in the first place. Thus replacing defective motherboard would result in the same likelihood of getting another defective one. He suggested I live with it. So I have learned that when my mouse pointer freezes up, it is going to core dump within 1 minute. My fix is turn it off before the core dump. At least I get a warning. I wish I had advance warning about HP itself.