questionswhat is so special about the name cora????


Not sure about Cora, but "mom" comments used to be posted on virtually any lingerie/female clothing listing. I suspect the woot gods got sick of it.


@tsfisch: No worries on the speculation front, we've been down this road a few times already:

Been there, explained that. I guess it was just time for our occasional reminder thread - glad to assist!


@hobbitss: I think I figured out the C 0 R A thing. C 0 R A is the name of a model.

I was wondering the same thing and found this question that led me to the other question

that still did not answer the mystery. I hope you get this before it is deleted.


@caffeine_dude: The question was somewhat rhetorical in that aspect.. Cora Skinner is an attractive lingerie model who occasionally appears in associated Deals on Deals.Woot... I believe She is now married...
Anyway, her name is one of those odd triggers that most often results in Comment deletions....
Your first link is not Cora who is a brunette...

Your second link is to One of My prior questions of similar or related content...


@hobbitss: Oh because I really did not know. I asked and it was deleted. FYI when I look at a deal I do not notice the model just the product. ; )


@caffeine_dude: Yeah right... LOL.. If you say so...