questionswhere is my money, after failing to delivery and…


Assuming you made the purchase from one of the other woot properties contact and they will take care of your problem. If it was something you bought on this site you will need to contact the seller directly. Deals.woot doesn't actually sell anything, it's just a place where people like you and I can post/purchase/vote on deals.


Sorry for the problems with the shipment. It can take a couple days for our returns people to go through the product and issue credit. As @jsimsace said, email♦ and they'll help you out. Allow one to two business days for a reply.

Note that the email addy for Customer Service is changing to Both email addy's will work for a while though.


@thunderthighs: Might want to consider sending an e-mail out to all Wooters so they are aware.


@thunderthighs: Does that explain why e-mails sent to no longer are receiving an auto response and seem to be getting lost constantly?


@raider9924: Don't think so. They updated the software they use in the CS department. That seems to have something to do with it. I tested it last week and I got the autoreply about 3 hrs after I sent the email. Not so immediate. I did let CS know.


@thunderthighs: I am 0 for 5 with e-mails in getting either an auto response or any reply from in the last 2 weeks or so. I send the e-mail, wait 48 hours and try again.

In mid-sept it took around 8 hours to get an auto reply, by which time the issue had already been handled by service and a manual reply sent by an employee.