questionshave you lost a package in transit between…


Yes, for something I was expecting from a seller on Amazon. And of course it was USPS.


There are lazy and/or dishonest people in every profession. It sucks that there are sucky people in the world.


Unbelievable. If I were the carrier, it would kill me not knowing what products I was throwing away. If I was planning on tossing them anyway, why not open them to see what bounty you'd get?!?!? Suppose opening the mail is a more severe crime and he didn't want to take that chance?


Nothing new... Few years back they went looking for a postal carrier who hadn't reported to work in a while... He was found dead of a heart attack in his home full of undelivered mail...


This guy didn't have a heart attack. The NY Post story has plenty in it to make you mad:

Patrick Paskett: “It happened. I resigned. I don’t work for them anymore. It’s over.”

No pal, it isn't over for those of us who were expecting mail you threw into dumpsters so you could...get back to the post office?

Here is the NYP story:


@jrhusc: thanks for the article, this guy is even worse than I imagined. Notice how it says he's "still employed" until decisions have been made?? No wonder the post office is losing money left and right if this is who they're employing. My question is: why become a postal carrier if you don't want to deliver packages? SMH...


wow....unreal. So sad to see that happen...i have lost MANY packages in the past. :(