questionssunday night woot off??!?!?!


i'll be up with the little one anyway. so, thanks for the entertainment woot!

oh, and obligatory: worst. wootoff. ever.


I was blind sided by this one, technically it is a Monday Morning woot off.


Thought that they would start it on Tuesday, but Monday works for me. Hopefully, they will still have the early December woot-off, also.


It seems to be stuck on an Xbox controller...

EDIT: kids.woot is stuck too... is it already over?


Not stuck. Just stalled by products nobody wants. It won't move on until it's sold out. That strap thing on kids.woot is a REALLY bad idea in a car, and is useless in a stroller, so it's going to be stalling kids.woot for a while. Hopefully they only have a couple to sell. (And hopefully the rubes who DO buy it won't use it in the car and risk the lives of their children.)


I'm in. Although I'm not sure why.