questionsdo you buy clothing online?


I buy shoes online sometimes. My best/most comfortable pairs of shoes Ive bought online. Just be sure to know what your shoe size is.


There's a rule regarding online shopping. It's not cool to go to a store, ask a ton of questions, make your decision, then go to Amazon because it's $20 cheaper. I have to break that rule with shoes. There's just too many variables. Fortunately, I buy shoes about twice a decade.


I buy shoes - specifically running shoes - that are hard to get around here.


Usually just shirts and socks, everything else is too hard to tell if it will fit or not.


I've bought clothes online, but I've also returned clothes and shoes that I've bought online. I do agree that it's hard to figure out if it'll fit or if it'll look good. However, if it's a brand that I've bought before then I will not hesitate to buy it online if it's cheaper than what I could get at a store.


Yes, though it tends to be items that I've already purchased in person (eg. Levi's or underwear or shoes) so I know what size I need.


I do buy clothing and accessories online but only from retailers whose brands I know fit and look well on me. I used to try to shop at new places with some names I am not familiar with, and it just did not work out. Having said that, the materials being used even by my favorite brands are no longer trustworthy as they once were as clothing "hangs" or fits differently. And BIG COMPLAINT everywhere, I am very tall and these short styles are just not long enough - dresses are now tee shirts!


Shirts, yes. I like some breathing room, so even though I can fit a size M, a L or even XL isn't a problem.

Everything else, no. No thanks to vanity sizing, my waist size can vary by two inches depending on the brand and my shoe sizes could be normal or wide width and fall between 1-1/2 sizes depending on the brand.


I stick to brands that I know fit me well, but I've had good luck finding shoes in my size that are out of stock in physical stores. The best situation all-around is when you can return in-store something that doesn't fit right.

FYI, Victoria's Secret does not let you return in-store anything you've purchased online. I asked a clerk about this (as they don't stock my size for some crazy reason), but she didn't have a good reason why this is. Their sizing is weird anyhow since she put me at a DD when I'm a regular D or sometimes even C depending on the brand.


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