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Gas prices aren't really an car gets 40+ mpg. Cost of hotels has been a bigger complaint.


@okham: Yes, the cost of staying in a hotel has become ridiculous. Many resort areas have priced themselves out of the range of the average family. Of course that also hold true for things like sporting events, theater, etc.


@jnissel: No kidding! Our family went to the movie theater a few weeks ago and it cost us $95 to get in to a matinee. I would usually use some discount ticket program, but we were meeting friends at the last minute and they chose the venue. Spoiled my appetite for the over-priced concessions! Nevermind what it costs to take the family to a Red Sox game!


Another question? You're on fire tonight!

I don't care about the price of gas, hotels or anything for that matter because I'm rich.

LOL @ all you 99%'ers


@caron7: In addition to the cost of the movie concessions you have to deal with their up-selling. I took my grandson to see Journey 2 IMAX 3D last Sunday at a UA theater. Since he enjoys ordering what he wants I let him. He asked for a small bag of popcorn. The person behind the counter asked him if he wanted a larger bag. He told her no. She then told me it would only cost $1.00 more for the next larger size. I told her no. The same thing happened when he ordered his soda.

When I asked for my first item the same BS started. I had to tell her that if she asked me one more time I was not going to take anything. That finally shut her up.

On Monday I call the corporate office of UA to complain. I reached the office of one of the higher-ups. That SOB not only didn't apologize, he gave me a sob-story as to how it's so hard to make any money and that's why they up-sell. GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK!


High gas prices haven't really affected my travel plans as much as high airfare has. Especially with the loss of Airtran from DFW, getting anywhere I want to go (mostly Atlanta, but a few other places as well) has gotten a lot more expensive. Finding a ticket for a long weekend for under $250 is all but impossible. Under $300 is even getting hard. I'll still do it a couple of times a year, but when I just want to get away, I'm more likely to drive to stay with friends in Mississippi than fly to see family in Atlanta.


@jnissel: You're in a private business and on private property. Upselling is a part of most business strategies. Good god, how do you people function out in the real world? You went out of your way to call and complain about someone trying to do her job? That's pretty pathetic. They should give her a raise for not being a worthless employee and trying to actually make SALES.

If you don't like it stay at home and rent a movie, otherwise don't try and change the way a private company operates. You aren't a special person.


@gt0163c: It's been over a year since I flew and the prices were unbelievable then. While I haven't following pricing recently I can imagine how bad it's become.


@iggz: I will actually reply to you this time and try to get you to understand.

First understand it is a business dealing with the general public. It is not a business where you are allowed to go by invitation only or by some secret handshake

I do not have a problem with the up-sell and that is not why I called corporate. My problem is not only was she trying to up-sell to me, she was trying to up-sell to a small child and she would not take "no" for an answer. What part of "no" doesn't she understand?

As much as I despise what you seem to do here most of the time I would not want you to be bombarded with someone constantly trying to up-sell to you even after you told them "no".

I don't know if you are old enough to have children but if you do have any how would you react if you told them to stop doing something and all they would do is tell you "no" then continue to do it?

I doubt your parents would let you get away with that behavior.


About the only vacation I can afford lately is one via Google Maps, street view. Pretty good as long as you're using a 21"+ monitor. PROS: save on transportation, lodging, admissions, dining; don't have to worry about loosing your luggage, free TSA breast and prostate exams, muggings. CONS: carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS), lack of sunlight, no human interaction.


@jnissel: It is the rule of 3. You have to get no answers 3 times before it actually means no. First it is the general, you you want to upsize? Then if you do, it is only X more. Finally, you just sort of leave it out there of how much better of a deal it is.

Every job that I had to do sales in was like this. If I didn't do it every time, I could get in trouble. Plus, I was surprised how many times that someone would change their mind in the process.


Here's some math, just because I like math. If prices go up two dollars per gallon and you get 20 mpg, that's .10 per mile. If you travel 500 miles on vacation that's an extra $50.00 for gas. An extra ten cents per mile doesn't keep a lot of people at home, but it does keep some closer to home.


Gasoline and the economy haven't really made a major difference in my vacation plans; it has more been college costs and children getting older (and no longer being "free except for a low meals charge").

Also, with both daughters working to help pay for their college costs they have not been able to get 12-13 days in a row off (they must earn 25% of college themselves, starting at least a year in advance).

So our yearly summer vacation at a resort in the Catskills has gone from 12 nights to six nights, plus maybe another short vacation some other time during the year. (I wanted to do a week or so in the Virgin Islands this Winter or Spring, but their school breaks didn't line up so that was out, plus airfares have gotten so high.)


@dw1771: A vacation is where you go to get more work done than you would have had you not been on vacation.


@imshadow22: But were you supposed to up-sell to 7 or 8 year old children?


@baqui63: With 2 daughters in college, I understand the draw to find deals!



College has gotten expensive. But I'd be here even if it weren't for college costs...

Also, it is just one in college at the moment. The second one starts in 1-1/2 years. But I like to plan financial things well in advance. (Thus the reason daughter#2 is already working to help pay for her college... of course, now she has to learn how to do her taxes as well.)


@caron7: Wow! Matinee (anything before 6pm) here is $6.50. We went to the first showing (at 11am) this past Saturday due to fitting it in with lunch plans and it was $4.50. We enjoyed saving the $2 and getting out of the movie at 1pm with the whole day still ahead of us so we'll probably be going to the 1st showing a lot from now on. At Christmas they sold a refillable plastic 44oz soda and like 60oz popcorn container filled for $5 each, and it is $2.50 each to refill them till next Christmas. So we can go to the first showing and get popcorn and a soda for under $10 each.