questionswill the sears/kmart location closings directly…


Didn't care for the stores when they were open ... so I guess I couldn't care less when they close them.

Kmart didn't heed the call when Target and Walmart entered their markets. Now they're woefully out of line. Ditto with Sears ... they've been relying on the Craftsman Tools/Kenmore Appliances to keep them propped up; those are the only two reasons why I'd set foot in a Sears.

Playing catch up in the retail market doesn't work anymore. Innovate and maintain that standard, or else you'd fail.


While the closings won't directly affect me, I hate to see any business close (whether I frequent them or not) because it means more people are going to be out of work....


Yes and no. The only remaining K-mart that I would realistically drive to (the next nearest is about 20 miles away and in the inner city) is closing. But I haven't been there in over 5 years, and that was to look at Christmas decor on clearance.

10 years ago there were 4 K-marts within 10 miles. The one closing was the last remaining one. One of the others is still sitting empty since 2002 or whatever, and it's not in a bad area retail-wise...


Not really. Yeah, stock took a 28% hit but that's only mattering to the idiots that panic & sell now.
There's over 4000 stores in the US and Canada, so 100-120 is a drop in the retail bucket.


The nearest K-Mart to me is among those being closed. I don't shop there very often because the store isn't very well organized. I frequently shop at the Farmers Market that is set up in the parking lot during the summer months, though. Hopefully the store closing won't affect that.


Thanks for the list, I was wondering if any were close to me. None on that list; 20 more to come though. As I said before, haven't shopped at Sears for years. Don't think the K-Mart close to me will close. It's improved over the last 3 years, and always seems busy.

Agree w/@tarasadies:, it's always sad to see stores close & people lose their jobs.


There are no stores in my area, so I'm not concerned. Even if they were in my area, I probably wouldn't shop or even go in there a lot.


A couple times a year I run to Sears to grab a quality craftsman brand item. I am going to miss being able to get at a moments notice.

My wife is going to miss being able to return mail order Lands End items to Sears also...