questionsdo you watch what you eat and exercise?


I watch what I eat...right off the plate and into my tummy!

Sorry, couldn't be a vegetarian. Not what man was designed to eat.


@mtm2: Was waiting for someone to make that joke, hahaha. And I respect your opinion!


I've watched what I eat most of my life. I keep fat intake low, and try to maintain a reasonably balanced diet (though I'll admit I'm a little heavy on the meat). I've recently added regular intake of oatmeal, to offset my cholesterol which has been climbing incrementally as I get older.

In another twenty years, I hope to enjoy the benefits of Dr. Life's Cenegenics. I want to be THAT ripped some day (at that age, junk-shrinkage will not be a worry).


I watch what I eat... as I'm eating it. It's usually junkfood or meat.
I exercise my right to eat what I want, when I want.


I try to avoid fast food, but I hear reports that the Shamrock Shake is back ... decisions, decisions ...


I've been heavily watching what I eat and exercising ever since I was told I had high blood pressure. In five months I lost 50 pounds (nearly a quarter of my body weight).

As for vegetarianism, my girlfriend and I could both probably cut out meat without too much difficulty. We love tofu and vegetables and we always go with non-meat options when available. However, being a fellow college student in the South, I can see how there are times where vegetarian options aren't really a choice.


I'm a crazy Vegan who just got a Gym membership. This question was made for me to answer.


I should and really at times I stop and wonder why I am about to eat what I have in my hand, but the body wants what the body wants :(


nope, I love having a high metabolism. well ok, I do eat healthy, but I don't have to watch it that much.


I feel for you. I live in Alabama and don't know what EVO or quinoa? What is that? And where do you actually find 95% lean FRESH ground turkey? And, doesn't it burn when cooked in an IRON skillet southern style? You be the LEADER, and SHOW those around you by your actions, not words, this lifestyle is ZEN. JUST LOOK AT ME. " I would love to learn how to cook w/ olive oil. But how and which kind and used for what? Crisco and 100% veg. Oil are the only oils in my house and 4lbs of REAL butter is a biweekly staple added w/ auto add to buy at Sam's 2x a month grocery shopping trip. And, can a chicken breast REALLY BE PAN-COOKED IN 2TBS OF OIL/BUTTER in a 8-12 minute timeframe w/o adding more fat to the pan? JUST SAYING. Stick to it and switches will come to your side. Good luck...


I try to do both. It's funny and I guess a bit sad in way. I've always been chubby so people just assume I eat crap all day. Nope- no ding-dongs and ho-ho's for me. I try to eat a fairly balanced diet..sometimes I slip and eat some not so great foods, but for the most part I try to homecook what I can and avoid too many processed foods. Although trying to find stuff that isn't overly processed is gettting harder and harder. Up until I killed my poor beloved treadmill I worked out like crazy, but a new one is being delivered soon so I'll be able to get back into it. I think for a lot of us it's just that our jobs make us so sedentary it's hard to eat and exercise and stay as healthy as we want to. Plus we use food as a reward. Why should I eat nothing but carrots all day and avoid the one homemade cookie twice a week? You know what I mean?


I exercise so I don't have to watch what I eat, within reason of course. Everything in moderation.


@minxa1: I'm in a similar position. I work out regularly, 60-95 minutes 5 days/week and at a fairly high level. The trainers are my gym tell me regularly what great shape I'm in. I eat pretty well (extremely well compared to the average person) with a low fat, high in fruits and vegetables, low in processed foods diet most of the time. But I also enjoy cookies and ice cream, sometimes more than I really should. But I'm just built big and sit in front of a computer for 45+ hours/week. Just the way life is. And I figure that I should be fairly well off should the zombie apocalypse/asteroid collision/collapse of society as we know it happens. I definitely won't be the first one to starve. :)

And, no, I don't think we should completely give up the tasty but also fattening food. God gave us good things for us to enjoy. We should enjoy them in moderation and not worry so much about looking like the pretty people on tv in and in the movies.


When I'm not being lazy I do both. Eat low-carb and hit the gym 5 days a week. I took some time off for the holidays and can't seem to get back into my groove yet. Last year I lost 50 lbs and the hubs lost 80. Let's see if I can get back on track before I gain it all back.


@gt0163c: I know the feeling. I am not having an easy time getting back to the grind. I'll get there eventually though